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Project B.O.B. Makes It Into the 11s!

Project B.O.B. Makes It Into the 11s!

After our last trip out netted us consistent 12.20s in so-so air, we REALLY wanted to get the 05 out one more time to see if we could finally reach our goal of 11s on the stock motor. We had run almost 113 mph, which would be good for 11s if we could really get the car to hook and get our 60 foot times down. Our good friend/customer John White knew we had a chance at running the number and offered up his Bogart racing wheels with MT ET Streets.

Temperatures were in the high 30s/low 40s all day; Clear and crisp. I don't know the DA yet but I am guessing it was pretty good. The test mule had the same mods as before, except I was using John's Bogarts with 26" ET Streets on them and skinnies up front.

First pass: I launched at 5000 off the 2 step. 60 foot time was a 1.72 with a spin but the ET was a 12.09@113 mph! I felt I really had a shot at 11s if I nailed everything.

I raised the launch RPM to 5500, went 12.07 and then a 12.06, both at 113 mph and both with 1.68 60 foot times.

I watched a video of a pass and the stock shocks are just WAY too soft. The car would squat hard and not leave hard.

I decided to raise the launch rpm to 6000 and see if maybe a spin would work better. It worked and the car ran a 12.02@113 with a 1.64 60 foot time. SO damn close!!!

We brought the car around for one more shot at it and raised the 2 step to 6200 rpms. It was all or nothing on this pass. I was going to give it hell and hope for the best. I launched at 6200 and banged every gear at 6200 crossing the traps right around 6000. We were racing a modified Z06 running on ET Streets. I held him off for over 1000 feet so I knew the car was on a good run. I pulled to the time slip tower and told the guy to give me good news! I got the slip and scared him when I yelled in excitement!

60 foot: 1.62 (our best time ever!!!)

1/8th mile: 7.64@89.35 (another best time!!!)

1/4 miles: 11.998@113.53 (first time in the 11s!!!)

I am beyond happy right now! I knew if I got everything right and had good weather, the car had 11s in it without going into the motor at all. Now that we reached our goal, we will have to see what the future holds for our 05 GT. I know our soft stock shocks and full tank of gas left some ET on the table, but we reached our original goal of a stock motored naturally aspirated 11 sec S197!

We will have pictures and video to come. Huge thanks to John White for the wheel rental, Sean Moore for filming, and Steve Riss for taking pictures!


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