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CJ Pony Parts at SCCA’s Autocross Event

CJ Pony Parts at SCCA’s Autocross Event

It’s been a while since we’ve had our 2013 Mustang GT Gotta Have It Street out for an autocross event...

So, when we saw that the local SCCA club, who always puts on great events, was going to have a fun course setup at the PA Farm Show Complex, we decided a race was long overdue!

CJ’s Rick Moyer registered Gotta Have It Street in the E-Street Prepared class, and one of CJ's Copywriters, Sean Kivler, signed up for the B-Street Prepared class with his supercharged 2004 Saleen. If you’ve been following along with our YouTube installation videos, you’ll recognize Sean’s Saleen from a recent video where Bill installed Corbeau FX1 seats, a Corbeau harness bar, and Corbeau harnesses.

Unfortunately, when Rick and Sean were about to head out Sunday morning, August 25, they are greeted by a steady drizzle. It continued to lightly rain on and off all morning, which kept the parking lot wet during the event. This led to a bit of disappointment, as Rick and Sean realized they weren’t going to be able to push as hard on the wet surface; however, it does make for a more interesting day, trying to find and hold the traction limit. High horsepower rear wheel drive Mustangs, like our Gotta Have It Street and Sean’s Saleen, are usually a handful on a wet and slippery autocross course.

Upon arriving at the PA Farm Show Complex, Rick and Sean quickly registered, tech'd both cars, and did a course walk to see how the track was laid out. The course layouts at the Farm Show typically makes for a pretty open design, which allows for some higher than normal speeds. Fortunately, the course designers planned ahead and were expecting a wet day, so they laid out the course with more slaloms then normal to keep the speeds in check.

Sean and his Saleen were staged ahead of Rick and our 2013 GT, so Sean made the first run, giving him a chance to learn the course and try to find out how much traction and grip was available. This first run was a 74.66, and Rick followed with a first run of 73.67. Rick found that the starting line offered zero traction, as Gotta Have It Street spun the tires off of the line with just moderate throttle. Thankfully, the rest of the course offered a bit more traction.

Gotta Have It Street on the Autocross course

Sean and Rick both dropped a couple of seconds off of their time on the second runs. Sean improved to a 71.61, and Rick dropped down to a 70.89. While both were getting more comfortable with finding the available traction, they did unfortunately have some trouble on the second run. Sean caught a cone through one of the slaloms, and Rick grabbed too much throttle out of a corner and spun.

Going into the last and final run, Rick had a slightly better time and Sean was aiming to be the fastest car from CJ’s! Sean stepped up with a 70.64 to be .2 quicker than Rick's best run so far, but Rick was able to see Sean's final time and knew that he had to improve to beat Sean for the day. Rick went out and improved to a 69.87, to get ahead of Sean by almost a full second. Unfortunately for Rick, somewhere along the course he caught a cone adding 2 seconds to his time. This gave Sean the fastest time of the day between the two CJ employees – Way to go, Sean!

Even though it rained during the event the CJ Pony Parts guys still had a blast. Both cars were a handful in the rain, but any day racing is a good day.


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