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Need new classic Mustang wiring? Try American Autowire!

Need new classic Mustang wiring? Try American Autowire!

As we often say, after nearly 50 years on the road, many items on a classic Mustang can begin to fail. This often includes the wiring. Well, American Autowire has the fix!

Over the life of a classic Mustang, when you combine any wiring modifications that were made to the original harness with the brittle texture or fraying that comes with more than 40 years of life and more than 40 years of dirt and road debris, any wiring change, a bad wire, or a bad ground could easily sideline your Mustang. At the very least, the original wiring is probably a confusing mess by now, and very difficult to work on. While there's many great wiring kits for factory original 1965-1970 Mustangs out there, if you're looking to fully modernize your Mustang, look at the kits from American Autowire.

American Autowire designed their Classic Update Complete Wiring Harness Kits for the resto mod Mustang owner. It's a complete wiring system in one box, with everything necessary to modernize any 1965-1970 Mustang's aged wiring system. It's designed to be able to handle gauge packages, heat and air conditioning systems, power windows, and more, giving you the foundation to completely upgrade your Mustang.

If you're looking for a factory original setup, this isn't the kit for you. Several items are on the included "stop" page that the American Autowire kits aren't compatible with, including original style alternators, points distributors, ammeters, and a negative feed tachometer. However, if you're set with those items, let's dig a little deeper to see the power of the American Autowire Classic Update kit.

The American Autowire kit includes everything you need to upgrade and replace your wiring. To start, there's color schematics and easy to understand instructions for every step of the installation process. The colors on the schematics match the wiring, which is also labeled, so you know exactly where each wire ends up. As many wires as possible also have the original, factory-style connectors, making connections extremely easy. The new fuse box is also well labeled, so you know exactly where everything goes. Basically, they do everything they can to make sure that a do-it-yourself-er can do this installation.

Four different American Autowire Complete Wiring Harness Classic Update Kits are available:

Each kit includes a main wiring harness and several smaller, secondary harnesses for areas like the front and rear of the car. A new fuse box, relays, grommets, terminals and hardware are also included, as is a small practice kit.

Many people worry that tackling a wiring harness replacement project is too much for them. Well, with the American Autowire Classic Update Kits, everything possible is done to make sure you can do it yourself, plus give you the flexibility to upgrade your Mustang further. If you're a resto mod Mustang owner needing wiring, the American Autowire kits are going to be exactly what you want.


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