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Latest news on the 2015 Mustang

Latest news on the 2015 Mustang

Rumors on the 2015 Ford Mustang have been flying over the last few weeks, so we thought it was time for an update.

The biggest news has been the recent photos of the new 2015 Mustang's front end.

spied 2015 mustang

These photos were caught during hot weather testing, so the front end was more unmasked than in previous shots so Ford could test airflow. As you can see, there are several similarities to the front end of the 2014 Mustang. However, elements of the Evos/Fusion remain as well, giving us a look that is distinctly "Mustang," but also much closer to the looks seen on other Ford models.

Nothing rear of the A-pillars was unmasked, so we know nothing about the remainder of the body, but the front end of the S550 is clearly less retro and sportier than the current S197 model.

The new Mustang will also be losing weight and shrinking!

The other recent 2015 Mustang news circulating through the Mustang community is the weight and size reductions that are coming. It is no secret that the Mustang has became larger and heavier over the years. In fact, since 1965, the Mustang has put on nearly 1000 pounds overall. With the 2015 edition, though, it's dropping 400 pounds, mostly through the use of lighter materials and an overall smaller size. Combined with more powerful engines (see below!), that'll make a major difference on the track!

The new Mustang is also shrinking! Compared to today's Mustang, the new 2015 models will be 15 inches shorter and 7 inches thinner. Combined with the weight loss, these new Mustangs will be much easier to handle than the sizable current editions.

More Power AND Efficiency!

2015 mustang coyote engine

We're expecting the current two engines to remain in the lineup. While there's been plenty of speculation in this area, and not a lot of confirmed information, the general trend has been to see the 3.7L V6 remain as the base engine, likely with similar power numbers. The next engine (and the one rumored to be the most commonly sold) is an all-new EcoBoost 4-cylinder. While many have guessed, no firm displacement or power numbers are available, but the likelihood is that it will be more powerful than the V6, and more efficient. The current (or turbo) Coyote 5.0L V8 would be the final engine option. Due to the weight loss, all engines will offer additional fuel economy, and there has been speculation that the EcoBoost will get near 40 mpg!

It has been confirmed that the GT500 is dead and gone for 2015. However, any combination of the GT350, Cobra and Mach 1 are speculated to return as the premium performance models. The engine for these models is up in the air, though an EcoBoost version of the Coyote might give it a solid enough power boost.

The most important number: Price.

The entry level 2015 Mustangs are likely to remain very close to the current versions, which is what Ford was striving for as they attempt to reach younger drivers with their new Mustang. However, the premium versions, particularly the GT350/Cobra/Mach 1, could be up to 10% more expensive, especially as Ford uses more modern materials and technology in their construction. While you'll get what you pay for, that price increase might put those models out of reach for many of the same buyers Ford is trying to reach.


Since we've already confirmed that the new Mustang is going global and that it will feature an independent rear suspension, it seems that just about everything in the new 2015 S550 Ford Mustang will be new or revised. At CJ Pony Parts, we're getting excited. As soon as the first aftermarket parts hit the market, we will have these new Mustang parts available on our website. We work with dozens of different brands, so you can be assured that you'll find these new parts at CJ Pony Parts first.

Stick with us. We have several more months of waiting before the new Mustang is unveiled to the world. We will assuredly have more news and updates as it becomes available, so check back here!

2015 mustang gt render

Sources: / StangTV



Looks good!!!

didn’t ford say that only the gt350 was going be canceled and keep production on the gt500?

I look forward to the weight loss, and the IRS. I’m not hooked on the fact that the front of the mustang is starting to blur the lines between the fusion, jaguar, Austin Martin. Back when the mustang first came out it was more of an original look. I think the design teams at Ford motor Co. Need to make the car more original. A Mustang should standout in the pack! Not blend into the pack!

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