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Upgrade and brighten up the taillights on your 1967 Mustang!

Upgrade and brighten up the taillights on your 1967 Mustang!

A few weeks ago, we upgraded the interior lighting on a 1967 Mustang coupe, demonstrating how big a difference new, brighter lights can make over the factory's notoriously dim lights. Today, we're showing you how to fix another dim lighting issue: The single bulb taillights on a 1967 Mustang.

If you get behind a 1967 Mustang out on the road, have you noticed how hard the taillights and brake lights can be to see? Well, that is because the factory taillights are just a weak single light bulb trying to fill a rather large lens. In addition, if you're the owner of that 1967 Mustang and you take a closer look at your taillights and the taillight bodies and wiring, you might find a good bit of rust and corrosion, especially if they're still the originals from the factory.

In both situations, there's a pretty simple solution that Bill shows you how to install today.

CJ's Bill TumasTo do this, you'll need two parts from CJ Pony Parts. First, get a Taillight Kit with Bodies for your 1967 Mustang, which is to correct the rust, corrosion and any damage to the current factory taillights. This part offers a nice cosmetic upgrade as well, with fresh taillight bodies, lenses, bezels, plus all the seals and gaskets you need to keep the elements out. Second, you'll need Scott Drake's 3-Bulb Conversion Inserts, which fixes the dim taillights in your 1967 Mustang by adding two more light bulbs per side.

In the video, Bill shows you how to install both of these parts into your 1967 Mustang. Since the whole installation only requires basic hand tools and takes 1-2 hours of your time, it is definitely an upgrade that any owner can accomplish, especially with Bill's easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. Plus, the upgrade will make a big difference!

So, if you see damage on your taillights, you want to make your Mustang a lot safer, or you just want a nice cosmetic upgrade for your taillights, you'll want to get on this upgrade today!


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