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Update your Classic Mustang with TMI’s One-Piece Headliner

Update your Classic Mustang with TMI’s One-Piece Headliner

If you’re looking to replace the faded or damaged headliner in your classic Mustang coupe, but would prefer something a little more modern, we offer the perfect solution! TMI has created a molded one-piece headliner that you can install yourself, saving you a lot of money. It features high-quality uni-suede materials that will update and freshen your interior.

Save Time and Money

This headliner is closely contoured to the interior roofline, making it far easier to install than the standard replacement headliner. Standard headliners require you to remove the front windshield and rear window, as the fabric wraps around the metal and is held in place with the glass. However, TMI's headliner eliminates this necessity, as it can be securely fastened to the existing trim pieces and windlace already in your Mustang.

As an added benefit, the new TMI one-piece headliner adds one inch of headroom, securing directly to the roofline after the removal of bows and brackets that were necessary for the original. TMI One-Piece Headliner Kits available at CJ Pony Parts include:

To attest to this headliner’s popularity, Bill had been getting several requests from our YouTube subscribers to demonstrate how it’s installed. So, Bill grabbed our Weekend Wrench project car and shows us how it’s done!


To begin the install, you’ll first need to remove the factory headliner, along with the visors, rear seat, quarter trim panels, and all the interior trim. The rear seat divider might be a bit tricky to remove on your own, so it’s suggested to ask someone for help. In fact, throughout the installation, there are several parts that might require two people, so having a friend or family member nearby would be best.

When removing the factory headliner from your Mustang, make sure to try and get as much of the old fabric out as possible. A few areas to pay particular attention to include the seals for the windshield and rear window, along with the side channels where the new windlace will be installed. Once the factory headliner is completely removed, you’ll then take out the factory headliner rods and clean up any mess to your interior.

Bill installing the new TMI one piece headlinerIn order to install the new TMI headliner, you’ll need to create a point of reference for centering it. Bill suggests using the pre-drilled holes on the headliner for the rear view mirror: push up through these holes from the bottom and use something to mark it. Then, use this center mark to align it correctly inside your Mustang, check to make sure it fits nicely, and use some clamps to hold it into place.

Next, you’ll push the headliner underneath the seal for the windshield and rear window and reinstall the visors and rear view mirror. This is the perfect time to replace any of these parts if your originals are faded or worn. The sail panels are next, mounting in place using the side of the window weatherstripping, and then the A-pillar trim panels.

Once this is complete, you can return the package tray and the backseat interior. To install the windlace for your new headliner, you can use the original or choose a new version. Bill choses to upgrade, as this part secures the A-pillar, the top of the headliner, as well as the sail panels. Finally, to wrap up this installation, return the seats and make sure all of the interior pieces are returned to their proper location.

mustang one piece headliner

TMI’s one-piece headliner adds a custom touch to our Weekend Wrench project car, matching our Sport R Seats perfectly, and really cleans up the look of the interior. When installing yours, keep in mind the tips Bill shared in our installation video and set aside an afternoon to complete the process. Here at CJ Pony Parts, we're all impressed with how our Weekend Wrench looks now, so we’re confident you’ll love the way this new headliner will transform the look of your ’65-’68 coupe!


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