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CJ Pony Parts Rally Smoky Mountain 2015

Support the CJ Pony Parts Rally Smoky Mountain 2015 & Hope for the Warriors!

For six years now, the CJ Pony Parts team has been supporting the Rally North America events each summer, helping them raise more than $400,000 for charity. This year's rally, the CJ Pony Parts - Rally Smoky Mountain 2015, supports a new and extremely worthy charity, Hope for the Warriors.

What's the Rally all about?

Rally North America was founded in 2009 to bring auto enthusiasts from all over the United States and Canada together for the purpose of auto rallying and doing something good through the automotive hobby--in this case, supporting a charitable organization each year. The rally started with just eight teams and has since grown to 80 teams each summer. Together, they are participating in a scavenger hunt style road trip. It isn't about setting a speed record, but just having a good time, making new friends and promoting the automotive hobby.

The Rally 2014 finish line!This year's CJ Pony Parts - Rally Smoky Mountain 2015 will be the sixth major Rally North America event, and the sixth sponsored by CJ's. Starting in Knoxville, TN, the CJ Pony Parts - Rally Smoky Mountain 2015 runs from Tennessee, to North Carolina, to Georgia, over three days in mid-July. However, before the race, teams are required to fundraise to support the rally's annual charity, which is Hope for the Warriors for 2015.

Why Hope for the Warriors?

With many veterans taking part in the CJ Pony Parts - Rally Smoky Mountains 2015, including the organizers, it was natural for them to want to support their fellow servicemen and women. Hope for the Warriors doesn't just support servicemen and women, but they also support the families of our nation's armed forces. Their goal is to focus on working with these military men and women on health and wellness, peer engagement, connections to their communities and transitioning out of the military. They offer a wide range of programs to accomplish these goals, and all of the money that is raised from the CJ Pony Parts - Rally Smoky Mountains 2015 will go directly to support these opportunities.

Bill with reps from last year's charity, ACP.How can I help?

There are a couple ways to help and contribute to Hope for the Warriors. While the easiest may be to simply go to the Hope for the Warriors website and make a donation, if you want your donation to count on behalf of the CJ Pony Parts - Rally Smoky Mountains 2015, you need to support one of the teams who are making the trip in July. To do that, you can go right to the main CJ Pony Parts - Rally Smoky Mountain 2015 Donation Page, choose and team and donate. 

However, we'd love it if you'd give our own Bill Tumas some help - he's leading Team CJ Pony Parts, as he does every year, and has been one of the leading fundraisers for the various causes of Rally North America in the last six years. He'd definitely appreciate your donation.

Follow CJ Pony Parts for more rally updates!

Before the rally, we're going to have a few more sneak peaks into the life of a rallyer, including getting your vehicle ready for the big race. Then, during the CJ Pony Parts - Rally Smoky Mountains 2015, we will be posting updates from Bill and the CJ Pony Parts team as much as we can, and look forward to allowing you to follow along with this incredible event. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram and Twitter to see the latest from the rally, as it happens!


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