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Our Focus ST gets a new look with our latest upgrades!

Our Focus ST gets a new look with our latest upgrades!

In the last few updates, we've told you how we've added quite a bit of power to our 2014 Ford Focus ST. Today, we share what we've done recently that's made it look so great.

ST Suspension ST-X Coilover Kit

After we put on our new Niche Targa wheels, we immediately realized that our Focus ST needed to be lowered to achieve that perfect look. Additionally, we wanted to get more performance from the suspension, along with the lowered look, so we can handle high performance driving a little bit better. Therefore, it seemed natural to install a complete coilover kit, which allowed for both lowering of our Focus ST and much greater performance. We chose the ST Suspensions ST-X Coilover Kit.

Our ST Suspensions kit certainly helped us get an amazing lowered stance on our Focus ST. It allowed us to drop it somewhere in the range of just under an inch to around 1.5-inches, which was pretty substantial and gave us the exact look we wanted. The new suspension kit also allowed us to get much better handling, with less body roll and more agility while driving. Thanks to the lowered stance this kit offers, we also gained a lower center of gravity and better wind resistance, simply because we're lower to the road, which also helps performance and efficiency.

MGP Caliper Covers

Overall, we like the brakes on our Ford Focus ST. The calipers are pretty high quality and, while we might upgrade the pads at some point, we like the overall responsiveness and feel of the braking system. While a big brake system would offer a nice upgrade in performance, we really didn't see the need to pay the huge price for that brake upgrade, especially being happy with the factory brakes. However, we still really wanted to get that big brake look on our Focus ST, so we decided to install a set of MGP Caliper Covers.

The MGP Caliper Covers are a pretty simple install - just remove the wheels and tires, bolt them down, make sure they clear the rotors, and you're good to go. For appearance, you have a few options. Our caliper covers feature the simulated bolts, though MGP Caliper Covers without simulated bolts are available. We love the look of these MGP covers on our Focus ST, and also appreciate the reduced heat and lessened brake fade that comes along with the installation of this simple part. Order yours today.

Rally Armor Mud Flaps

After some time behind the wheel, we've learned a lot about our Ford Focus ST, how it drives, and what problems can arise with regular, everyday driving. One of the things we noticed pretty quickly is that, since the wheels stick out past the fenders, the probability of road dirt and debris getting kicked up and chipping the paint was quite high. To combat that, we installed a set of Rally Armor Mud Flaps that are specifically for the Focus ST.

Now, you might be thinking that this product doesn't really count as an appearance upgrade. Well, upon closer inspection, these might be some of the highest quality mud flaps you've ever seen--definitely far superior to standard auto parts store products. They're made from a urethane composite, which makes them incredibly strong and resistant to any damage. They're also finished with a high gloss clear coat, which helps them to look so great. With these Rally Armor products, you get a great looking, exceptionally durable product that could last for the life of your car, and will protect it from damaging road dirt and debris.

fifteen52 Front Cup Spoiler

With all the power we have added under the hood, we want our 2014 Ford Focus ST to look as aggressive as it drives. We thought some styling might be in order and the first part on our list was the fifteen52 Front Cup Spoiler. This modification is a two piece kit that attaches to the front of our Focus ST via two screws and double sided tape. We had ours painted prior to installation, so it matches our Race Red car perfectly. Installation only took a few moments and the change was dramatic! Instead of being rather uninteresting, the fifteen52 spoiler gives our Focus ST an aggressive look that exaggerates the front end, giving the front bumper the same depth as the factory side skirts and killing the reverse rake appearance.

Follow on our YouTube channel to see the latest updates on our 2014 Focus ST project car, along with all of the other CJ Pony Parts project cars!


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