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Upgrade your Mustang's Gears for Big Performance Benefits!

Upgrade your Mustang's Gears for Big Performance Benefits!

If you like to race your Mustang, or just want to beat the car next to you at a red light, we have the install for you! With a set of new gears, your Mustang is going to accelerate much faster, giving you a huge performance boost!

New Mustang gearsWhile we won't get too technical here, some understanding of how the gears work is helpful so you know why an upgrade can be beneficial. Essentially, the gears are what transfers power from the driveshaft to your rear wheels. The gear ratio is the number of times the driveshaft has to turn for the rear wheels to make one complete revolution. So, if you have a gear ratio of 2.73 to 1, your driveshaft turns 2.73 times for every single revolution of the wheels.

The higher the first number is, the more power is going to your wheels, meaning your Mustang is going to launch that much quicker. However, a higher gear ratio also limits your top speed and hurts fuel economy, so the idea when you're upgrading is to find the gear ratio that's a perfect balance between performance and efficiency for your Mustang, taking into account how you intend to drive it.

When you bought your Mustang, it could have come with one of a wide variety of different gear ratios, from a 2.73 gear ratio to a 3.73 gear ratio. In most cases, the factory gears are going to provide a nice balance between performance and economy, or they'll be such a low gear ratio that they're only helping get good efficiency, killing your acceleration. That's why one of the most popular Mustang upgrades is new gears with a higher gear ratio, so you can get a much faster launch from your car.

This Ring & Pinion Gear Set is from Ford Racing and is designed to fit Mustangs with an 8.8-inch rear axle, which includes V8s from 1986-2014 and V6s from 2011-2014. A wide variety of options are available from CJ Pony Parts, starting with 3.08 gears, all the way to 4.56s. No matter what performance you're desiring on your Mustang, you can find the ring & pinion gear sets to make it happen from CJ's and Ford Racing!

Today, Bill and the CJ Pony Parts team show you how to tackle this installation on your Mustang. A fair warning: This is a challenging installation and might not be suitable for anyone but the most experienced home mechanics, who have the special tools that are required. However, if you want to see what you're up against and determine for yourself whether you can do this job, check out Bill's overview, which is also very helpful in just learning about gear mechanics and installation.

On the 2005 Mustang GT featured in our YouTube video, the owner had used it regularly for racing and appreciated his 4.56 gears at the time. However, since he's not driving that way anymore, he's chosen to back down to a more reasonable set of 4.10s, for a bit better efficiency without losing much performance.

Typically, however, you're going to want to go with numerically larger gears for more launching power. It's an upgrade that's actually pretty cheap, too, at less than $200 for the parts themselves. When considering the price and the performance benefits, new gears are an awesome upgrade that few owners have ever regretted, so if it's an upgrade you've been thinking about, don't hesitate. Order your new Mustang gears today from CJ Pony Parts!


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