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Dress up your engine with help from California Pony Cars

Dress up your engine with help from California Pony Cars

While the 4.6L, 3-valve engine in your 2005-2009 Mustang GT performs well, it isn’t much to look at under the hood. To spruce up your engine compartment, we suggest an Engine Dress Up Kit from California Pony Cars (CPC).

California Pony Cars manufactures several covers and extensions to tidy up the engine compartment of the 2005-2009 Mustang GT, including a completely redesigned Intake Manifold Cover. This cover provides a much cleaner look by hiding unsightly wiring harnesses, and it’s made from engineering grade injection molded plastics for a perfect fit. It is made to fit the 4.6L engine, but is designed to look like the 5.0L cover found in 2011 and 2012 Mustangs.

Also included in CPC’s Engine Dress Up Kit is a silver finned Fuel Rail Cover and Fuse Box Cover, which both match the factory intake manifold cover found in the 2007 Mustang. The color of the Fuel Rail Cover, Fuse Box Cover, and Intake Manifold Cover all match perfectly, which makes the engine compartment look uniform and clean.

Engine Dress Up Kit

Installation is easy, requiring only around 45 minutes to secure the three covers and an Intake Manifold Cover Extension. The first piece to install is the stainless steel brackets found in the Kit. To do this, remove the harness off the studs located on the cam cover and then secure the bracket on those studs. Then, you’ll remove the two studs for the fuel rail, place the Fuel Rail Cover in place, reinstall the studs, and bolt the Cover to the bracket.

On the driver’s side of the engine, disconnect the tube to the intake from the cam cover and slide it off. Then, pull the two clips off the studs on the cam cover and put the second steel bracket into place. Put the other side of your Fuel Rail Cover into place and secure it to the bracket.

Bill's InstallationFor the Intake Manifold Cover, slide it over the studs located on the intake manifold and press down firmly over the studs to secure. Install the Cover Extension at the bottom, and then finish your installation by mounting the Fuel Box Cover using the supplied double stick tape.

With these quality covers from California Pony Cars and our step-by-step installation video with tips from product specialist, Bill Tumas, you can give your engine a polished and finished look in just 45 minutes.


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