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New Vendors at CJ Pony Parts!

New Vendors at CJ Pony Parts!

Here at CJ Pony Parts, we strive to offer you the best products from the best brands in the aftermarket Mustang parts industry. While we carry hundreds of different brands, we wanted to take a minute to introduce you to some of our newest vendors! 


If you’re looking to set your Mustang apart from the rest and add some style to your exterior, upgrade your wheels to a set from Foose.

Foose WheelsFoose wheels are designed by legendary hot rod designer Chip Foose, who adds a unique look that strays away from the common replica style. Also, you can rest assured that their wheels are made from high quality materials, meaning they are sure to last and maintain their look longer than you would experience with lower grade wheels. CJ Pony Parts now carries a wide selection of Foose wheels for your all 2005-2014 Mustangs, including selections from their Enforcer, Legend, and Outkast series.

Add a set of Foose wheels today to give your Mustang that one-of-a-kind look that’s sure to impress!


When upgrading your wheels, it might be difficult to sift through the wide range of styles and sizes available. Yet, we’re sure that you’ll be amazed by the top-quality and great looking wheels from Niche, now available at CJ Pony Parts!

Niche wheels are all hand-made from high-quality materials at their location in California. They offer six different wheels styles, with each series offering a unique design and ranging from concave to convex face profiles, matt black to two-tone finishes, and even monoblock construction or customized fitment options.

Browse our selection of Niche Wheels to see products from their Sport, Touring, Racing, Forged, Monotec, and Track Series and order yours today to add a set to your 2005-2014 Mustang!


Upgrading to an aftermarket exhaust often means adding a louder and more aggressive exhaust tone. However, for Mustang owners seeking the performance benefits of a new exhaust without the added drone, Corsa offers the perfect exhaust technology.

CorsaAll of Corsa’s exhaust systems feature their patented reflective sound cancellation (RSC) technology, which means each of their systems were developed to eliminate that aggressive exhaust drone while your Mustang is cruising. Their exhausts are also all customized to the car, giving you the perfect fit for your Mustang.

Now at CJ Pony Parts, you can find Corsa products for 2005-2014 Mustangs, with options available for V6s, GTs, Boss 302s and GT500s from those year ranges. Each of these products are axle back exhaust systems, featuring easy, bolt-on installation and including all of the hardware necessary for the job. Upgrade your exhaust today with the dependability and unique RSC design of a Corsa system!


Dynotech is one of the leading driveshaft manufacturers in the industry, with over 80 years of engineering experience. Each of their driveshafts are computer welded and high-speed balanced to peak industry standards, meaning you’ll get both the quality design and top performance benefits you’re looking for when making upgrades to your Mustang.

You can also rest assured you’ll be getting the best driveshaft for your vehicle with Dynotech, as they’re one of the most popular suppliers for high performance race teams in the NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series, Craftsman Truck Series, NHRA, IHRA, SCCA, NSCA, NMRA, APBA, and OSS.

Check out our selection of Dynotech driveshafts today and order one for your 2005-2014 Mustang!


KooksWhen you’re racing your Mustang, a great set of headers can make all of the difference. Upgrade to the highest quality headers with the best on-track performance available in the aftermarket with a set from Kooks!

Kooks has more than 50 years of experience designing headers for racers, consistently producing quality headers that are designed specifically for an engine and vehicle combination. Each system is made with cutting-edge engineering techniques, guaranteeing you’ll experience more horsepower and torque from a set of Kooks headers than any other on the market.

Find the perfect headers for your 1996 and newer Mustang by browsing the selection of Kooks products at CJ Pony Parts!


Performance and sound are generally the two main qualities owners look for when updating their vehicle’s exhaust system. While many brands offer you one or the other, MBRP makes quality exhausts that will deliver both impressive performance gains and a nice sound.

With MBRP’s large selection of full exhaust systems and exhaust parts, all at different price points, you can choose the perfect system for your Mustang at the right price! Now at CJ Pony Parts, you can browse exhaust products from each of MBRP’s five different series, including their Pro Series, Black Series, XP Series, Installer Series, and Performance Series.

Decide on the type of exhaust and sound you want for your vehicle and order an MBRP exhaust from CJ’s today!


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