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Add aggressive exhaust tones to your Mustang!

Add aggressive exhaust tones to your Mustang!

If you have a V8 Mustang, chances are, you want it to sound like a V8 Mustang. The newer 5.0-liter engines in 2011-2014 GT Mustangs have a decent sound quality straight from the factory, along with some great power, yet it could definitely use some improvement.

MBRP is an industry leader in exhaust systems, and their brand-new Black Series 3” Street Cat-Back Exhaust will allow you to harness the true muscle car exhaust tone and get more power out of your Mustang.

The Black Series Cat-Back Exhaust System is made from heavy-duty aluminized steel, which is painted black to give you the hottest look on the market, and made with a high heat coating designed specifically for exhaust applications. And, while seams are often a point of rust through with many other exhausts, MBRP builds theirs with fully sealed tubing, giving you piece of mind that your system will have a much longer life expectancy. Along with this, your Mustang will also benefit from an increased fuel economy, saving you money.

Cat-Back Exhaust SystemJesse, from MBRP, recently visited the CJ video studio to show off some of their newest exhaust systems, and he even stuck around to assist Bill in installing the Black Series 3” Cat-Back on our Gotta Have It Race car!

Because this cat-back exhaust features one-piece over-axle pipes, installation is very easy and straight-forward. The first step you’ll need to perform is removing your stock exhaust system, which isn’t terribly difficult. Next, you’ll want to lower the underside axle brace, allowing you to get the massive, 3” mandrel bent piping up and over the brace without any interference. To do this, MBRP provides spacers that can be secured between the brace and the car.

After this, begin to hang the mufflers and work the mandrel bent tubing of the exhaust up and to their proper locations. With all of that in place, you can pop the exhaust tips on to the mufflers and adjust the tips to how far you’d like them to stick out from the rear. Tighten these down and make sure everything is secured to finish off the installation.

After only about an hour’s worth of install work, your Mustang’s new exhaust system will both look and sound amazing! Order one today from CJ Pony Parts, and add that aggressive tone your 2011-2014 Mustang GT has been missing out on!


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