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Gotta Have It Race gets its first modifications!

Gotta Have It Race gets its first modifications!

We made it less than one week before we started making a few modifications to Gotta Have It Race. Of course, we did have to get ready for the track this weekend.

On Wednesday, several CJ's team members got down to work installing four parts for Gotta Have It Race's big unveiling at the track this weekend:

First, the team got to work on the front wheels and tires, which was very easy: Just remove the old and swap in the new!

Swapping Tires

The next task was the BMR Swaybar Relocation Kit. It took a little longer, but with the experience of CJ Pony Service, was no big deal! 

Then, the rear wheels and tires went on: 

Rear Tires

Finally, the Barton Short Throw Shifter and Barton Shifter Bracket were installed:



We'll be providing much more detailed videos and blogs on these installs soon, so check back in a week or two when they are ready to go!

Today, Gotta Have It Race and our supporting 2011 Ford Raptor are on the road for 12th annual NMRA Ford Nationals at the Maryland International Speedway! They will be arriving shortly, and will be participating in qualifying runs later today. Unfortunately, Gotta Have It Street will be a little late to the party--we just picked it up!

Gotta Have It Street is almost here

Gotta Have It Street will arrive in Maryland late tonight/early tomorrow for qualifying runs tomorrow. We'll share results next week, upon their return, so you'll want to keep checking back.


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