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Project B.O.B. comes out for another run at greatness!

Project B.O.B. comes out for another run at greatness!

As you may already know, our famed Project B.O.B 2005 Mustang GT has been up for sale since August. We wanted to see B.O.B. go to a great home, as we had reached the goals we set out to accomplish when we first turned this Legend Lime Mustang into a quarter-mile killer. It seems our Service Department manager and B.O.B. started to get the itch to race again last month... and would you believe we broke our own best time?

Taken from Bill Tumas (CJ Pony Service Manager):

Back in May, we took B.O.B. out to the dragstrip for the first time this year and picked up a set of Bogart D-10 wheels with a set of the wildly popular Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials. Drag Radial racing is all the rage right now so we wanted to get a set and see how well B.O.B. responded to them. Our first time out with them was promising, with a best pass of 12.07@112.59 but our ETs were all over the place trying to figure out the best way to launch on the radials.

We knew we could get them to work with a little practice and possibly some tweaks to the suspension, but we were considering selling our project car so we didn’t make any changes over the summer. We have had a few bites but no new home for B.O.B. yet. The fall air was calling us, so we dug out the Bogarts and decided to take a trip down to our favorite track, Cecil County Dragway in northeast Maryland. Cecil is nicknamed "the traction capital of the east" for good reason: the prep is always excellent. We got there early and pitted with a few members from The air was good and we were told the track had bite. I was planning on a soft run to get a feel for the track and see how well the radials would bite, but our photographer Steve talked me into an all-out run to start the day on a good note. I agreed and headed to the burnout box.

After a nice smoky burnout to get some heat in the radials I staged the car as shallow as possible and brought the RPMs up to 5500. On the third yellow I left out the clutch as fast and smooth as possible without dumping it. B.O.B. hooked much harder than expected and rocketed off the line! Our 60 foot was a 1.64 which was right on par with our 60 foots on slicks. Our 1/8th mile was a 7.61@90 MPH!! Our best on slicks was a 7.64@89, so this was our first pass ever where we hit 90 in the 1/8th. The best was yet to come as we lit up the scoreboard with an 11.952@113.91! Our best ET and our best MPH! And on drag radials!

On the track

Project B.O.B. has done everything we could have ever hoped for out of the stock 4.6 3V engine. It has been a great car to us and has become a celebrity in the NA 3V world for how fast it runs with such minimal modifications. We are still looking for a new home for our beloved project car. We would love to see someone continue the legacy and add a few more parts. Ford Racing has been following our progress and feels that with their CJ shocks and struts, 3V intake and Hot Rod cams BOB could run in the 11.60s. We would love to see someone get it there!


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