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More than 110 Mustangs attend Pony Trails 2011!

More than 110 Mustangs attend Pony Trails 2011!

On a picture perfect day, more than 110 Mustangs attended the annual Pony Trails cruise to Carlisle, ending up right next to the fairgrounds, where the All Ford Nationals are being held.

Right around 8 a.m., Mustangs started trickling into CJ's parking lot, and before long, a flood of Mustangs could be seen on show, while drivers and families chatted, checked out each others' cars, explored the CJ Pony Parts showroom or enjoyed the free coffee, juice and donuts. Guests were also given a FREE CJ Pony Parts Pony Trails 2011 T-shirt!

At Pony Trails

With 115 cars on display, there was a wide variety of classic, Fox body, and late model Mustangs on display and glistening in the abundant sunshine. Shortly before 9 a.m., drivers met in CJ's showroom and received their directions for the day's scenic drive through the beautiful Central PA countryside to Carlisle. Everyone soon hopped in their cars, over 100 engines roared to life, and everyone hit the road. This year's cruise was again led by the CJ Pony Service Manager, Bill Tumas!
More photos are now posted on our Facebook page, and make sure to check out the video above showing everyone leaving CJ's, bound for Carlisle!
We're looking forward to our Customer Appreciation Day in August, where we hope to see many of these same beautiful Mustangs again! Thank you to everyone who came out for this year's cruise!!

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