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Mustang Seat Foam from TMI completes any upholstery upgrade

Mustang Seat Foam from TMI completes any upholstery upgrade

As you're upgrading the upholstery in your Mustang, don't forget to replace the seat foam. CJ Pony Parts and TMI always recommend replacing the seat foam with any upholstery upgrade, and here's why.

While any of TMI's upholstery products can nicely upgrade the look of your Mustang, replacing the upholstery only fixes half of the problem, as the seat foam is still old and misshapen, and just as beat up as the old upholstery. New seat foam restores the correct shape and density to your Mustang's seats and, when coupled with new upholstery, can completely transform your interior and driving experience. In fact, many of the new upholstery parts offered by TMI requires new seat foam for installation, so everything fits absolutely perfectly.

For many model years of Mustang, TMI offers two versions of their seat foam. Their standard seat foam and premium seat foam aren't too much different, except for one key piece: TMI molds listing wires right into the foam channels of the premium seat foam to easily install to the foam wire instead of fighting through it. For a first time installer, or even an experienced one, this can be a incredible time saving feature.

Otherwise, the standard and premium seat foams are each formed to the proper shape and size to match TMI's upholstery products for a given model year and style, and both feature a standard burlap backing to protect your foam from the seat springs (which other seat foams may not include). One note: Make sure you're pairing your seat foam with the proper upholstery, as 1967 TMI Premium Seat Foam will not work with 1967 TMI Sport Upholstery. Most other TMI seat foam products have similar fitment guidelines.

CJ Pony Parts offers TMI's seat foam for 1965-1973 and 1979-2004 Mustangs, with many years having both standard and premium options available. Here's how you can find TMI's seat foam (plus their upholstery!):

If you're already in the market for new TMI upholstery, make sure you don't forget TMI's seat foam. It might mean a little extra work, but you'll definitely appreciate it once you're finished.

Special thanks to Waylon and TMI for being part of this video!


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