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Listen to Your iPod/iPhone in Your Classic Mustang!

Listen to Your iPod/iPhone in Your Classic Mustang!

Do you love listening to music in your Mustang? Do you want all the features of a modern stereo, but the vintage in-dash look of the original radio in your classic Mustang? Well, now you can have just that!

RetroSound has recently rolled out their new Model Two AM/FM radio, the first classic car stereo that works with iPods and iPhones. USB and auxiliary inputs connect your iPod or iPhone to the stereo for full control through the Model Two’s faceplate, while also charging your device.

retrosound mustang radioAnother advanced feature by RetroSound is that this radio is Bluetooth enabled, allowing you to stream internet music from sources like Pandora and Spotify. The Bluetooth feature also allows for hands-free calling, utilizing your car's speakers and automatically muting the music whenever a call is in progress. The design of the Model Two radio will match the look of your classic Mustang, featuring an authentic push button design and either black or chrome faceplate and buttons. Furthermore, the LCD illumination display is customizable, with several colors to choose from for the text. This text shows song specific information like the track number and track time, as well as the artist, the name of the song, and the album in which the song appears.


The RetroSound Model Two radio will fit in any classic Mustang, and with a little time and patience, installation is an at home job. In CJ’s installation video, Bill demonstrates how to connect and mount the Model Two radio in our Weekend Wrench project car.

First, after removing the old radio, you’ll want to remove your ignition lock cylinder and then separate your ignition switch from the bezel so you can access the ignition wiring to get power for your new Model Two. Run your new stereo wire over the stud on the back of the ignition switch and then install the spacer. Once this is completed, you can return the switch into the dash; Bill provides several helpful tips on how to do this easily. Then, you’ll need to install a ground wire underneath the dash and connect your new radio to make sure everything works correctly, before completing the rest of the installation and reassembly process. Next, since the Weekend Wrenchstill has the original AM radio speaker, Bill decided to take advantage of the stereo capabilities of the Model Two radio and installed a new stereo speaker in the dash.

Installing the RetroSound radioRetroSound’s “InfiniMount” system, which provides flexible mounting options, makes this radio capable of fitting in any Mustang. This shaft/bracket system will come with a vehicle specific bezel, shift and knob kit which requires assembly. Once this kit is assembled, you’ll connect your wires to the Model Two, fish it up under the dash, and fit it in place in the old radio's slot. Secure the washers and bolts and install the knobs. Total installation only takes a couple of hours, then you'll be enjoying much better sound out of your classic Mustang.

Make sure to check out our selection of RetroSound Model Two radios today to enjoy iPod/iPhone compatibility, Bluetooth streamed music, and hands-free calling all with top quality sound, yet maintaining the classic look you want for your Mustang.


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