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School Class Works to Rebuild 1968 Mustang

School Class Works to Rebuild 1968 Mustang

Students in Mark Schottler's Automobile Restoration class at Lyons High School in central Kansas have been working on restoring a 1968 Mustang for the past two years, using many parts purchased from CJ Pony Parts. Their long term project is nearing completion, and will hopefully be wrapped up by the end of the 2010/2011 school year.

Students in front of their 1968 Mustang project car

Mark's class teaches students how to work individually and in groups on the car, first learning some of the basics of how to work in the shop and on cars, then each student is assigned jobs and the learning begins. For this project, the students did all of the work, except for the body and major engine work/rebuilds. The work for this project included a complete transmission rebuild, a rear axle rebuild including all new bearings, seals and an Auburn Posi unit, a manual steering box rebuild, and the original alternator rebuild. They also rebuilt the rear brakes, and converted the front brakes with a Scarebird kit. Some of Schottler's advanced students handle anything that is modified, and not straight from the factory. The engine and body are sent out to other shops due to a lack of proper equipment for those tasks in Schottler's class and, in the case of the engine, a desire to leave the owner with a warranty on the engine for the future.

Student at work in the engine bay

The car they are working on belongs to Steve and Brenda Wilson and had been stored in a barn for many years, prior to the class getting hold of it in 2009 and beginning work. The class has also rebuilt a 1969 Camaro, a 1969 GTO, and a 1955 M38A1 Jeep in the last six years, while they're currently working on a highly modified 1957 Chevy and a 1970 GMC truck, in addition to the 1968 Mustang. The owners of each of the cars are asked to donate money to the class for equipment and tools.

Student at work under the engine of the 1968 Mustang project car.

CJ Pony Parts is happy to be a part of this project, and we are glad to see an up and coming generation learning the skills to work on cars and building a love for them, just like many of CJ's other customers.

Source: Mark Schottler


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