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Add the convenience of a remote trunk release to your classic Mustang!

Add the convenience of a remote trunk release to your classic Mustang!

Classic Mustang owners missed out on many of the conveniences that modern Mustang owners now take for granted. However, Scott Drake tries to help classic Mustangs with a remote trunk release kit!

If you were to spec out a 2014 Mustang today, you could get to choose from a massive amount of options, like a glass roof, remote keyless entry, an automatic or manual 6-speed transmission, LED lighting, Shaker audio systems, and much more. If you ordered a Mustang 45 years ago, though, none of that was available, so most classic Mustangs were pretty basic, which could be a little hard on owners who are accustomed to those conveniences today.

To make life a little easier, Scott Drake offers an electric remote trunk release kit for 1965-1970 Mustangs. They offer two options, one for 1964-1966 Mustangs and one for 1967-1970 Mustangs. Both kits from Scott Drake include everything needed for installation and feature a vintage style trunk release lever, a new electric trunk latch and all the wiring and hardware needed for installation.

Scott Drake makes installation very easy, too. It only needs basic hand tools, a drill and a multi-meter. As Bill demonstrates in his brief installation video, over the course of an hour, you can replace the latch in your trunk, run wire from the trunk to the lever's location besides the driver's seat, and wire it all together. For any novice mechanic, this job is one you can handle, especially with Bill's guidance in today's video.

So, if you're looking to add some convenience to your classic Mustang, make sure to check out these electric remote trunk releases from Scott Drake!


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