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Retro Sound radios give classic Mustangs modern sound!

Retro Sound radios give classic Mustangs modern sound!

Have you ever listened to the original radio and speaker in a classic Mustang? It's only AM radio with a weak speaker. A Retro Sound radio, plus a new speaker, adds modern sound with a classic look!

Retro Sound offers three replacement radio products for 1965-1986 Mustangs: The Model One, the Retro Classic, and the Zuma. Here's a few of the features found in these Retro Sound products:

  • AM/FM Tuner with RDS & Presets
  • Selectable enhanced dual white or green LCD illumination
  • Rear mounted USB allows playback of MP3 and WMA digital music files
  • Selectable tuner frequencies for USA or Europe
  • New shaft system features rear knob functionality
  • New push button styling for an authentic Mustang look
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Two sets of RCA low level outputs
  • Digital clock function
  • Inputs: rear-mounted standard USB port and two rear auxiliary inputs for iPod or other portable devices
  • Outputs: four-channel pre-amp outputs (front & rear)
  • Separate power antenna and amp turn on lead(s)

With these features, you'd think you would be installing a modern radio that would look out of place in a 1965-1973 Mustang. With a Retro Sound product, though, this isn't the case. They look exactly like the originals, complete with the authentic looking push buttons and Ford replica knobs. They also offer the most flexibility in installation, with their patented InfiniMount system, which allows you to drop it into a wide variety of locations in your Mustang.

Don't forget about the speaker--the original center dash speaker in classic Mustangs featured a paper cone and sound quality only suitable to AM radio, if even that. With a new Retro Sound radio, that speaker just won't work. A Custom Autosound Dual Voice Coil Dash Speaker is a great upgrade, as it offers 70% more cone area than a conventional dual speaker setup and works perfectly with a modern radio.

Bill installed these parts into a classic 1967 Mustang convertible that sorely needed a radio upgrade. He installed a Retro Sound Radio Zuma and a Custom Autosound speaker, which only took a couple of hours and used basic hand tools. In the video, Bill walks you through each step, plus a surprise find behind the dash in this '67 Mustang convertible. We'll be talking about that surprise more in a few weeks.

In the meantime, if you're a 1965-1986 Mustang owner who is looking for more flexibility in a radio, and high quality sound, check out the products from Retro Sound!


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