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Courtesy Lights for 1969-1970 Mustangs: Scott Drake’s are superior

Courtesy Lights for 1969-1970 Mustangs: Scott Drake’s are superior

Have you replaced the courtesy lights on the interior rear quarter panel of your 1969-1970 Mustang? If not, when the time comes to replace them, you'll definitely want to order Scott Drake's interior courtesy light versus the standard reproduction, as the Scott Drake product is superior in most every way.


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Here's just a few of the areas where the Scott Drake 1969-1970 Fastback Interior Courtesy Light excels:

  • Construction: Scott Drake uses metal throughout their product, versus plastic in most reproductions. This leads to a much more solidly built part, which is very noticeable when picking up each part. The standard reproduction also uses a single plastic piece for the lens and mounting bracket, versus Scott Drake separating the lens and mounting bracket into two parts, which is true to the factory and demonstrates their attention to detail with this part.
  • Spring Clips: While the standard reproduction only uses a single clip at the top to attach the light to your Mustang, the Scott Drake part uses a series of factory correct clips that run the whole way around the light.
  • Finish: The Scott Drake interior courtesy light features a smooth, even finish throughout the product, while the standard reproduction is uneven and highly glossed, which isn't factory correct.
  • Electrical: In the standard reproduction, the bulb, socket and wiring are each not factory correct in either construction, shape, or both. Scott Drake's courtesy light is factory correct throughout each of these areas.

While this isn't a complicated part, with multiple areas that demonstrate superiority, it's clear which part you will want in your Mustang. If you're looking for a true, factory correct interior courtesy light, or just a solidly built product, Scott Drake's 1969-1970 Fastback Interior Courtesy Light is going to be exactly what you want.


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