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A Day of Racing and Charity at the 12th Annual ABM Nats

A Day of Racing and Charity at the 12th Annual ABM Nats

For the 12th year in a row, Track Toys Racing, a racing group run by our very own Bill Tumas, rented out Cecil County Dragway in Maryland for the annual Andrew Bauer Memorial Nationals!

1996 Cobra - KrimpstangThe ABM Nats started in 2002 to remember Andrew "Krimpet" Bauer, a racer taken from us way too early from us at the age of 22. The day is meant to be a fun day of drag racing and a fund raiser for local charities. This year, the event  took place on November 9th and you couldn’t ask for better weather.

The gates opened at 8 am, yet by 7:15, there was already a line waiting to get in. Tanya, Bill Tumas’wife, and the other volunteers helped to keep the line moving, and by 8:30, the pits were already filling up. As is tradition at this event, the first pass at 9 am was between Krimpet’s 1996 Cobra, “Krimpstang,” driven by Bill, and the 1996 Cobra that was owned for many years by Bill and is now owned and driven by his close friend, Gordon Wagner.

Bill was able to get the advantage on the tree, and Krimpstang left the line hard on the cold track. However, after 200 feet, the power of Gordon’s Terminated ‘96 came on and he passed Bill to take the win with a 11.23 @ 123 MPH to Bill’s 12.32 @ 110 MPH. After this first pass, the lanes filled up quickly with all makes and models of cars, though there were quite a few Mustangs. Several cars were having some traction issues early in the morning, but soon the track came around and wheels up launches became the norm. Some racers even had a little too much traction, as you saw on our Wheels up Wednesday post on social media, where Jake’s 2003 Cobra went straight up, yet his still somehow saved the car!

Wheels Up!

Several racers were looking to line up with CJ’s Gotta Have It Race but, since we haven’t had a chance to get the car out in awhile, Bill wanted to take a pass to get comfortable before going heads up with another driver. This ended up being a good idea, as the first pass didn’t go so well. Due to driver error, the tire pressure was set wrong, which helped cause the car to make a hard left turn on launch. Bill lifted and coasted to a 14.2 @ 80 MPH. Not only were there traction issues, but the check engine light came on. After some diagnostic work and a little help from some friends, the issue was traced to a blown fuse.

RacingWith the fuse quickly replaced and the tire pressure set correctly, it was time for some grudge runs. First up was Gordon’s Terminated Cobra. Bill left a little early giving the win to Gordon, but was still able to outrun him with an 11.30 @ 120 MPH to Gordon’s 11.36 @ 124 MPH. Next up was a friend of the CJ crew, Nate, with his 2011 GT. Bill and RK, a tech at CJ’s, did a live install of an Edelbrock supercharger on Nate’s car awhile back, so the crew knew it could make some good power. Nate had some 60 foot issues but Gotta Have It Race left wheels up and ran 11.24 @ 120 MPH to Nate’s 11.55 @ 122 MPH.

The CJ crew’s last competitive run of the day was a rematch between Bill and Scott's 2011 GT500. Scott and Bill had a great race last year, and both had run almost identical times again. Both cars left hard side by side, with Gotta Have It Race pulling the wheels way off the ground, and each ran identical 1.53 60 foot times. Bill and Scott were door to door the entire way down the 1/4 mile, with Gotta Have It Race taking the win with a 11.25 @ 120 MPH to Scott’s 11.30 @ 122 MPH.

The last run of the day at the ABM Nationals was Bill in Gotta Have It Race and “Krimpstang,” with CJ Forum Administrator, Steve, behind the wheel. Obviously this matchup is not exactly a fair race, but it has become a tradition for these two cars to race at the end of the day. Bill put a hurting on Steve at the tree with a .003 light, and Gotta Have It Race was gone, running 11.36 @ 121 MPH to Steve’s 12.56 @ 109 MPH. All in all, everyone who came out had a great time and many personal bests were run. Best of all, Track Toys Racing was able to make some awesome donations to several great charities, in memory of Krimpet:

  •  $2,500 to Paws for Life - the primary charity
  •  $1,000 to Accelerated Cure - the  CJ Pony Parts’ Rally 50 charity for this year
  • And $500 to helping a local family for Christmas and a friend’s family in the Philippines, devastated by the typhoon.

CJ Customer, TJ Lapinski, in his Mustang with a coyote engine

CJ Pony Parts is a proud sponsor of the ABM Nationals, so we'd like to thank everyone who came out and made it another successful event!



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