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SEMA features Kenny Brown Gen IV GT-4 Mustang

SEMA features Kenny Brown Gen IV GT-4 Mustang

If you're a long time Mustang enthusiast, you've probably heard the name Kenny Brown, or heard about some of the great customized Mustangs he's created. Well, at SEMA this past week, Brown launched the latest and greatest of his Mustang packages with the Gen-IV GT-4 BiTurbo Mustang, which he calls the "Mango Tango!"

This car features a 4.6 liter 3V BiTurbo package and makes about 550 horsepower in the 2005-2010 Mustangs, while being specifically optimized for performance and track driving. This system uses two ball bearing turbos that are mounted right on the exhaust manifolds. This positions them as close to the exhaust valves as possible in order to reduce weight and keep the turbos behind the front axle centerline and low in the chassis to have the best weight distribution possible.

Kenny Brown Ford Mustang

Brown also includes his AGS (Advanced Geometry System) 4.0 suspension system so, which includes a complete suspension for all 2005-2012 Mustangs and offers better handling, grip, braking and, as a result, increased driving confidence.

Check out the pictures and enjoy your weekend!

Source: StangTV


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