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How We Got Our 2005 Mustang GT Bolt-On Project Car Into the 11s!

How We Got Our 2005 Mustang GT Bolt-On Project Car Into the 11s!

With our Gotta Have It Race Mustang project car coming soon, we thought it might be fun to take a stroll down memory lane and remember the last incredibly fast project car that CJ's built--Project B.O.B.

This week's video of the week shows Project B.O.B.'s first 11 second 1/4 mile, from December 2009, and shows just a little bit of what we expect from Gotta Have It Race!

Project B.O.B. was a 2005 4.6L 3V Mustang GT in Legend Lime with tan interior. When we bought it, we wanted to get it into the 11s with nothing but bolt-on parts. Here are the modifications we made for our 11 second pass:

- Pro 5.0 Shifter
- SCT X3 Tuner
- BBK X-Pipe with Cats
- BBK 1 5/8" Long Tube Headers
- Ford Racing Axle Back Exhaust
- JLT Cold Air Intake
- 4.10 Gears
- Ford Racing Cobra Jet Drag Race Spring Kit
- BMR Single Adjustable Lower Control Arms
- BMR Single Adjustable Upper Control Arm
- BMR Front Swaybar Delete
- BMR Rear Swaybar Relocation Kit
- Steeda Aluminum Driveshaft
- Bogart Racing Wheels with MT ET Streets
- Rear Seat & Passenger Seat Removed

Everything else was stock factory Ford. 

2005 Mustang GT

Here's what CJ Pony Service manager, Bill Tumas, had to say about Bob's first 11 second 1/4 mile run:

It was all or nothing on this pass. We raised the 2 step to 6200 RPM, launched at 6200 and banged every gear at 6200. We ended up crossing the traps right around 6000 RPM. We were racing a modified Z06 running on ET Streets. The results? A 1.62 60ft and a 11.998@113.53mph! With this pass, we had reached our original goal of a stock motored naturally aspirated 11 second S197!"

After we reached the goals we wanted to accomplish with it, B.O.B. was sold in 2010.

While Project B.O.B. was incredible, we expect Gotta Have It Race to do even better!


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