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More than 120 Mustangs take part in Pony Trails 2012!

More than 120 Mustangs take part in Pony Trails 2012!

While it may have been cloudy and cool, more than 120 Mustangs took part in a spectacular Pony Trails 2012 event and cruise on Friday!

Shortly after 7 a.m., the first Mustang rolled into the parking lot--a beautiful black Mustang GT from New York state! From 7-8:30 a.m., more than 120 Mustang poured into CJ's parking lot, covering practically every model year, and coming from up and down the East Coast, the Midwest and Canada. Once they got parked, drivers and passengers hopped out and visited with one another, checked out each others cars, shopped for new parts in the CJ Pony Parts showroom, and enjoyed free coffee, orange juice, and donuts. Take a look at a few pictures from the morning at CJ's!

View at Pony Trails

Right around 8:45 a.m., while a few Mustangs were still trickling in, all of the drivers met in CJ's showroom to grab directions for the cruise to Carlisle and get organized for the trip. As he does every year, CJ Pony Service's Manager, Bill Tumas, led the trip to the All Ford Nationals. This year, he drove Gotta Have It Race!

More photos are now posted on our Facebook page, and make sure to check out the video above from the morning at CJ's and the cruise!

We’re looking forward to our Customer Appreciation Day in August, where we hope to see many of these same beautiful Mustangs again! Thank you to everyone who came out for this year’s Pony Trails!!


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