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Gotta Have Builds compete at Beaver Springs Friday Night Street Races!

Gotta Have Builds compete at Beaver Springs Friday Night Street Races!

As the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler, the racing season is rapidly coming to a close. With this in mind, the Gotta Have Builds team wanted to make sure that they took Gotta Have It Race and Gotta Have It Street up to Beaver Springs at least one more time for some racing!

Waiting for the first passRick and Tommy planned on leaving CJ Pony Parts at 5 p.m. on Friday and making the 1 hour, 15 minute trip up north for Beaver Springs Friday Night Street Racing. Bailey, from the sales team, decided to join the Gotta Have Builds team with his 4.6L 2V convertible GT. The typical Friday evening rush hour traffic made it a slow go until the team got further north, but they eventually arrived at Beaver Springs, though a bit later than they wanted. Thankfully, the tech inspector at Beaver Springs got everyone through and ready to race quickly.

Gotta Have It Race made the ride on the RaceStar wheels, M&H front runners and Mickey Thompson drag radials so the team didn’t have to worry about swapping the wheels at the track. Gotta Have It Street was going to race on the 19" FRPP SVT Performance wheels and BFG KDW tires. Rick was driving Gotta Have It Race on Friday night and Tommy was piloting Gotta Have It Street.

Before the team left, Bill gave Rick some tips on the best way to get Gotta Have It Race launched: Start with a 2nd gear burnout until the tires start to slightly grip, then, at the line, get the RPMs up to around 5,000 and be quick with the clutch without dumping it. For his first pass, Rick was able to get the RPMs up to about 3500 before the light went green, and he was able to get a 1.82 60' time. Unfortunately, the run was for naught, as he managed to miss the 3rd gear shift. Tommy and Gotta Have It Street made a good, clean pass and ran a 13.09 @ 108.63 MPH with a 2.00 60' time.

gotta have it race at beaver springsRick and Tommy both made two more passes during time trials, but neither made a clean pass. On Rick's second run, he was too quick with the clutch and spun off of the line for a 2.04 60' time to a 12.68 @ 114.72 MPH. On his third run, Gotta Have It Race rolled off of the line creating a red light. Tommy spun off of the line really badly on both of his passes.

At 9 p.m., the bracket racing started. Rick and Gotta Have It Race were in the Street Stick class, while Tommy was in Street Auto with Gotta Have It Street. Rick and Gotta Have It Race were first up and went with a 12.40 dial-in time. After a nice second gear burnout, Rick brought Gotta Have It Race to the line. Rick brought the RPMs up to 4000 and, once again, let the clutch out a little too quick, creating tire spin, leading to a 1.97 60' time. The rest of the pass felt good, and Rick caught the Mustang in the other lane by the 1000' line. Rick decided to stay in and try to get a good time. Gotta Have It Race went through the traps with a 12.33 @ 116.06 MPH for the best pass of the evening. However, the 12.33 was just below Rick's 12.40 dial-in, meaning that his night was over.

Tommy and Gotta Have It Street were up next up, in the first round of the Street Auto class. Tommy cut a good .101 light and had a controlled 2.08 60' time. He quickly caught up to the car in the other lane. Tommy crossed the line with a 13.01 on his 13.00 dial-in, almost dead on, but he had to get on the brakes hard keep from braking out. Tommy moved onto the next round. He adjusted his dial-in to a 12.80 for the next round. In the second round, Tommy matched his competitor's reaction time with a .148 to a .144, but he was just barely beat to the finish line by .029 seconds. Tommy and Gotta Have It Street ran their best time, a 12.94 @ 106 MPH, but it wasn't quite enough. With both cars knocked out of the brackets, the team was ready to head home. It was 10 p.m. and the temperature was down in the 30s.

gotta have it race lined upThe Gotta Have Builds team definitely loves their new 2013 5.0L Mustangs. They can easily go 12s on the drag strip (11s with a good driver), while comfortably making the more than an hour trip to and from the track. Each of the 'go fast' parts that the team has installed on the cars has allowed them to keep the cars reliable for everyday use. They have lasted a full season of racing and thousands of street miles, and we can't wait to see how well they do in the future.

For this season, we have one more event scheduled: The 10th Annual Track Toys Racing ABM Nationals at Cecil County Dragway on November 10. We may pop up at a few other events, too, so keep your eyes open and watch our events page and our Facebook page!


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