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Bolt-On Fun with our Weekend Wrench Project Car

Bolt-On Fun with our Weekend Wrench Project Car

A few months ago, we introduced you to our Weekend Wrench project car. Since then, we've been working hard at doing some updates that any enthusiast can tackle, and we couldn't be more excited to share a few of them with you.

TMI Pony Door Panels

One of the interior projects the CJ team undertook with our Weekend Wrench was switching to new TMI Pony Door Panels to give the interior a breath of new life. These new panels are made with Masonite MDF wood backing, which means they will not become damaged and deformed as easily as others that use cardboard backing. They also have the original style heat seam line patterns, which keep the quality vintage look for our ’65 coupe. This installation is a bit more involved than some of our previous upgrades, taking a total of three hours. The process is pretty straight forward, however, involving the removal of our Mustang’s original door panel and water shield, assembling the new panel for installation, and securing the new panel into your door frame. Bill demonstrates every detail in our Pony Door Panel installation video, showing how even the weekend enthusiast can easily do this at home.

Scott Drake Side MirrorScott Drake Side Mirrors

A part we couldn’t wait to upgrade were the exterior mirrors on the Weekend Wrench. It was clear the original mirrors had taken a bit of wear and tear, so we turned to Scott Drake for some quality upgrades. The Scott Drake reproduction mirrors feature a flawless chrome finish and really polish off the look of our driver and passenger side doors. Bill demonstrates in our install video how simple it is to remove the original mirrors and replace with the Scott Drake versions; you can even use the original holes for the driver’s side. To add some beauty to your door frame and increase the safety of your car while driving or reversing, these mirrors are the perfect upgrade.

LED Parking Lights

One area where classic Mustangs, like our ’65 coupe, could use an upgrade is in the lighting system, so we decided to add some modernizations with a set of LED parking lights. Not only does this installation add a polished and contemporary look to the exterior, it is actually one of the easiest upgrades we’ve performed on our Weekend Wrench. The process takes only 5 minutes, and you will see in our installation video that it involves taking off the light’s lens and switching out the bulbs. Just think, within 5 minutes or less your classic Mustang could have a modern lighting feature that not only adds safety from a brighter bulb, but also some visual flare to the front end. Keep up with our project build news on our website, follow along with CJ installation videos on our YouTube channel and check out our Weekend Wrench Pinterest board for more pictures!



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