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The CJ Pony Service “no-holds-barred” Fox rebuild

The CJ Pony Service “no-holds-barred” Fox rebuild

As you can guess from the title of this article, we are all excited about the most recent rebuild project going on over at CJ Pony Service. Back in May, the original owner of a black 1990 Mustang GT contacted us about doing a full build on his all-original car.  How can you say no to a project like this?!

After a few e-mails and phone calls with our service manager, Chris M., a CJ Pony Parts customer currently serving in the United States armed forces, brought his 162,000 mile Mustang up from North Carolina looking to transform it into one mean Cobra clone. We usually get plenty of early model Mustangs in for restoration and performance, but when a Fox Mustang is looking for the complete package, we get a little excited. A project this big is by no means cheap, but Chris has been planning this build for a long time and knows exactly what he wants out of his Fox Mustang when it's finished!

Fox Rebuild

The project is only just getting started, but Chris and our techs over at CJ Pony Service have big dreams for this sweet hatchback. The start of the rebuild features a Cervini's 1993 Cobra conversion kit, a Cervini's 4" cowl hood and a Cervini cobra style rear spoiler. We have some pictures of these pieces installed already, before this 'Stang heads out to get a fresh coat of black paint with a few custom touches.

Once Chris' Mustang comes back from getting painted, we plan to install a Ford Racing 306ci engine, Vortech T-trim supercharger making at least 12 lbs of boost, T-56 transmission, Baer front rear brakes, a 5-lug conversion with 31-spline axles, a new axle girdle, a Maximum Motorsports/Eibach suspension kit, dyno tune and much more to give this clone more bite than any Cobra that ever rolled off the assembly line.

You don't want to miss this build! We will keep tabs on this project as more develops, so we can pass on all the fun stuff to you.



Really lookin good I have an 88 gt I'm starting on so any tips will help

What ever happened with the updates? I saw one pic in an order catalog, are there any online?

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