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CJ Pony Eleanor Mustang

UPDATE: CJ Pony Service Eleanor Mustang gets new interior

One of our favorite projects over at CJ Pony Service is getting closer to completion. This week, Eleanor has a brand new interior and is soon ready to "Go Baby Go" out on the open road! There are still plenty of hours to put into this movie Mustang replica, but it is great to see a plan come together.

Eleanor Mustang Interior

The custom style center console looks great with the movie style add-ons and some aftermarket extras. 

Eleanor Mustang Nitrous

The nitrous system was installed last week, so this week our service department got all of the internal parts wired up and installed.

Eleanor Mustang Shift Knob

Here you can see the famous "Go Baby Go" button on the shift knob that lets you engage all of that nitrousy goodness.

Eleanor Mustang Gauges

Some aftermarket Autometer gauges were also added to monitor the voltage and nitrous pressure. Good call.

Eleanor Mustang Door Panels

The door panels also turned out to be a very cool addition. The power window switches had to be moved to the center console due to the speaker placement.

Eleanor Mustang Speakers

Even more sound will come out of the aftermarket system thanks to these quarter window speaker panels.

Eleanor Mustang Back Seat

The back seat and fold down is almost complete. You can get a good view of the battery relocation in the trunk.

Eleanor Mustang Seats

Overall, the interior came out quite well. The aftermarket Procar seats by Scat really look great with the rest of the interior.

We will keep you up-to-date with Eleanor as she makes her way through the rest of the build over at CJ Pony Service.


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