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NEW PART: 2011 Mustang Steeda Cold Air Kit

NEW PART: 2011 Mustang Steeda Cold Air Kit

Get ready to bolt-on some serious power to your brand new 5.0 Mustang! We have all been waiting for aftermarket power-adders to come out for the new 5.0-liter Mustang, and now Steeda has answered the call with their all new "ProFlow" cold air intake kits!

These high-performance cold air intake kits from Steeda help Ford's new five liter power plant get a big breath of cold air into your intake system, allowing your 2011 Mustang to reach new levels of performance. Steeda wanted to give your  Mustang the densest air charge possible, so they kept all of the factory cold air feed ducting from the front bumper and sealed their stainless steel heat shield to the hood, preventing any hot air from being sucked in from around the engine. Add to that a billet aluminum velocity stack and high-flow air filter to ensure a clean, cool and streamlined air charge strait to the engine.

With these new cold air intakes, you can expect power increases at all RPM ranges, with gains up to 44 horsepower at peak, all while retaining the factory cold air ducting and sound tube. With an easy, bolt-in installation, you cannot go wrong with these new "ProFlow" cold air kits from Steeda.  Be sure to get the correct cold air intake kit for your type of transmission from CJ Pony Parts, today!

Don't forget! We can also set you up with an SCT custom tune for your 2011 Mustang. Make sure you get every last drop of power out of your aftermarket add-ons!


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