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CJ Pony Service Eleanor is ALIVE!

CJ Pony Service Eleanor is ALIVE!

The Eleanor project over at CJ Pony Service is on a roll, literally! About two weeks ago, we posted a story about CJ Pony Service creating a 1967 Eleanor from a Dynacorn body shell and all-new parts. This week, they are proud to have this movie-inspired Mustang clone up and running!

Our service department has added a new exhaust system to the Eleanor, as the finishing touch before firing up the engine. The exhaust system included new BBK Fox-Body 351W swap headers, a matching BBK off-road H-pipe,  a Stainless Works side exhaust kit and a custom-made transmission mount. MAC flow tubes were used to connect the side exhaust kit to the H-pipe.

Once the exhaust was done, our technicians checked the engine wiring and mounted the battery before firing up the engine. Eleanor came to life on the first try and settled into a nice idle with no adjustments needed! Keep looking out for more updates on this project.


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