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CJ customer gets first MANDRA round win!

CJ customer gets first MANDRA round win!

Nothing beats a classic Mustang flying down the quarter mile, especially when it wins! CJ Pony Service manager Bill Tumas got to see that, and spend some time with a great CJ's customer over the 4th of July weekend at the MANDRA "Geezers at the Grove" event.

Two weekends ago, our Service Department manager, Bill Tumas ventured down to Maple Grove Raceway for the "Geezers at the Grove" drag racing event, held by the Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Drag Racing Association (MANDRA). While there, he met up with one of our faithful customers, Bob C. and his 1966 GT fastback.

Bob has been a great customer, who originally came to us with a mostly correct, restored A-code 225 4-speed fastback. After being talked into running in a drag race by our service manager, Bob was hooked. Now, his fastback boasts an impressive Ford Racing BOSS 347 motor, a rebuilt 4-speed transmission and a Currie 9" rear. He has been spotted at any and all nostalgia races he can get to, usually never having a free weekend. Bob's best run in his 66 was an 11.7@117 mph.

At the event, Bill and Bob opted for a picture and talked about some of the work done to Bob's classic pony-car over the winter. CJ Pony Service had swapped out the hood for a Shelby hood, repainted the car with stripes and freshened up the interior with new carpet and some new Scat Procar seats.

All the time and money that Bob C. had put into his Mustang paid off, because he got to celebrate his first-ever MANDRA round win! Unfortunately, he was knocked out in the next round, but we know he won't be giving up anytime soon. Keep racing, Bob!


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