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1965 Mustang brought back from ashes

1965 Mustang brought back from ashes

It is not every day that you get the chance to resurrect a customer's dream car. So, when our service department got the job to restore a burned up 1965 Mustang, they knew it would be a special project.

When the Mustang arrived at CJ Pony Service, there was an obvious problem... the front of the car was burnt and charred back to the front of the doors. The customer had his Mustang restored a few years earlier and enjoyed it as a nice driver. One day while out running errands, they tried to start up the engine, but instead it sparked and caught the Mustang on fire! Before the fire department could get there, the whole front of the car was burned. Everything back to the doors was destroyed.

1965 Mustang Restoration

Before bringing in this fire-damaged Mustang, our customer stripped the car down and brought what was left into CJ Pony Service for repairs. Our guys continued stripping down the Mustang, all the way to the bare metal. We repaired some metal damage and replaced the front end with all new sheet metal. Then, a fresh coat of blue paint started to bring this Mustang back.

Currently, our service department techs are installing a new convertible top, new glass and new weatherstripping. Soon, this pony will be able to get back out on the open road and our customer will be able to enjoy his classic car once again.


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