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Get your Corbeau seats from CJ Pony Parts!

Get your Corbeau seats from CJ Pony Parts!

Don't just take our word for it. Recently we had two CJ Pony Parts forum users post pictures and comments on what they thought of CJ Pony Parts and their new Corbeau seats! I have to agree, these seats look HOT!

YeloPony outfitted his 2001 yellow GT convertible with some sweet Corbeau TRS seats. Fitting with his yellow theme, he even got them with custom yellow stitching. He also bought a new shifter boot that he seemed to be enjoying too.

"Thanks guys! They went in great... feel awesome, the shifter seems to be in such a better place now, and with 1 click of the recliner I can go from DD Cursing to AX/Race... taking advantage of the seat bolstering!"

Two weeks later, forum user mell0 posted about his new Corbeau GTS II seats, and gave some GREAT images of them installed in his 2002 GT coupe.

"Let me tell you, these are some of the most comfortable seats I have EVER sat in. And no I'm not just saying that because i spent over a grand on them. I have sat in my friend's dad's 2008 BMW M5, another friend's dad's 2002 911 Turbo, and a family friend of mine who owns a Rolls Royce Phantom and a Bentley CGT. Well maybe they aren't as nice as the rolls, but they are definitely on the same level! The lateral support is amazing (compared to stock) and I really wouldn't want to ask for any more support from a daily driver seat."
"Besides the lateral support, they are super comfy. The suede doesn't get as hot as the leather in the sun, so they are much more comfortable than the "stockers". There is PLENTY of cushion so it feels great. When combined with the brackets, the seating position is much lower, but honestly i think it's for the better. The shifter seems like it's in a better position and you feel more in tune with the car."

Call up CJ's today and get your set of Corbeau Seats! YeloPony mell0 approved!


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