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Bill's 2015 Mustang Gets Its First Mods!

Bill's 2015 Mustang Gets Its First Mods!

Bill's had his new 2015 Mustang less than a month, yet he's already completed some major mods. Let's see what he's gotten done so far on his personal 2015 Mustang!

Ford Racing by Borla Touring Cat-Back Exhaust

For the new Mustang, Ford made the factory exhaust on the GT sound better than ever before. This might satisfy many new owners, but certainly isn't good enough for Bill, especially when considering that the huge resonator from the factory on the new 2015 GT robs performance and weighs a ton.

On his old 2011 Mustang, Bill had installed a Ford Racing Touring Exhaust and loved the sound of that system. It wasn't too loud, but still was much louder than stock. So, for his new 2015 Mustang, his first modification was a Ford Racing by Borla Cat-Back Touring Exhaust system. Bill chose the Ford Racing by Borla kit with 2-1/2-inch pipes and 4-inch black tips, so he could get the best performance, plus an amazing look at the tips, which was another thing that he wanted from the exhaust.

After less than a week of ownership, Bill got right down to work getting this system installed on his Mustang GT. As always, Bill walks you through every step of the installation process, which really should only take an hour or so. At the end, you get to see how amazing the new black tips look with his Deep Impact Blue 2015 GT. However, the best part of the video below is the sound clips. Bill takes his car out on the road with both the stock exhaust and the Ford Racing by Borla Touring kit, which easily allows you to compare the sound of both of the systems.

TSW Nurburgring Wheels in Matte Bronze

Just like they did with the exhaust system, Ford has made big strides in the look of the wheels on the new 2015 Mustang. However, when you're going for a custom look like Bill is, those just won't work either. From the beginning, Bill knew he wanted to get his 2015 GT in Deep Impact Blue, so he spent lots of time even before it arrived trying to find the perfect look in a wheel and tire package. He wanted something in a bronze or gold color, knowing that either of those colors would be the perfect compliment to the Deep Impact Blue on his Mustang. However, at the time, no one in the aftermarket offered anything in that shade, meaning he was likely going to have to get his new wheels custom powdercoated.

That was until TSW introduced their Nurburgring Wheels in Matte Bronze for the 2015 Mustang.

Bill already loved the Nurburgring style and, once the color was released, he knew they would be the perfect look on his GT. So he snagged a set of TSW Nurburgring 20x10-inch Wheels in Matte Bronze and installed them onto his car. To further customize them, he had the center caps wrapped in matching vinyl for a finished look and added a set of Gorilla small diameter black lug nuts. In the video, Bill shares a few thoughts on this combo.

What's Next?

One of Bill's next goals is to get the suspension upgraded. Rather than simply lowering it, he's going to install a full Air Lift Performance air ride suspension kit, which will allow him to lower and raise his GT at will and as road conditions require. The kit is expected to be released soon, and we're sure that Bill is going to be one of the first in line. However, with the help of Photoshop, we can give you a great idea of what it's going to look like...

Photoshop of Bill's 2015 Mustang slammed.

Continue to check back with the CJ Pony Parts blog or our YouTube channel to see the latest updates to Bill's personal 2015 Mustang GT!



It would be interesting to see these wheels on other colors of the 2015 GT. I have a Ruby Red GT on the way I think these wheels would look great on.

These are exactly the wheels I was looking at for mine but I think I'd like to go with the silver color or mirror face whatever they call it. My question is, upgrading to a 20" wheel is that going to hurt my grip since I'm taking away quite a bit of the sidewall? Or will the wider tire make up for it?

I wouldn't expect to loose any grip going with a 20 in wheel, if anything going from the Pirelli to the Nitto tire I gained a lot of grip! I agree they would look killer on Ruby Red

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