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Mustang T5 5-Speed Transmission Conversion

Mustang T5 5-Speed Transmission Conversion

If you have a worn 3-speed transmission in your classic Mustang, it’s time you consider making the swap to a Ford Racing T5 5-speed Transmission.

This world-class T5 transmission is a top quality product, capable of 300 ft/lbs of torque and featuring carbon-fiber 3-4 blocker rings, a 1-1/16" diameter 10-tooth input spline and 28-tooth output spline, along with a 7-tooth speedometer drive gear. This and the Supreme T5 Conversion Kit includes everything you'll need to install it in a manual transmission equipped Mustang.

Our very own Doug Geyer, who manages CJ’s eBay sales, recently made the “T5 swap” in his 1967 Mustang convertible. While better fuel economy wasn’t necessarily at the top of Doug’s mind when he decided to make the switch, an increase to your Mustang’s gas mileage is one of the biggest reasons for many. In fact, when asked about which difference he enjoys most between the old 3-speed and the new T5 transmission, Doug says it has to be the better Pennsylvania highway cruising. You’ll also experience a higher top speed and the ability to accelerate faster due to a better gear ratio.

T5 transmission

For this installation, we used a variety of parts offered at CJ Pony Parts:

Installation of the T5 Transmission and T5 Conversion Kit isn’t the easiest procedure, but Bill carefully lays out the whole process in an easy-to-follow manner as he makes the swap on Doug’s Mustang. The first step, once you begin work underneath the car, is to remove any headers or pipes that are blocking your driveshaft. Then, remove the driveshaft and the starter and move on to separating the transmission from the bellhousing.

Bill performaing T5 swap installationAfter the bellhousing is removed, Bill works on unfastening the six bolts that hold the clutch to the flywheel, which can be a tedious process. Next, the flywheel and equalizer bar are to be removed, and you’ll want to clean the area as much as possible before installing the new transmission.

For installing the Conversion Kit, Bill demonstrates how to put in the new flywheel, clutch pressure plate and bellhousing. Doug has also made the decision to upgrade the shifter on his ’67 convertible to a Pro-5.0 shifter. This shifter has the famous "offset-preload" coil springs that find third gear for you, and also features adjustable positive stops to prevent over extending the shift lever, preventing expensive transmission damage.

Closing out this installation, Bill makes sure the new T5 transmission is in place, and then resecures the four bolts that hold it to the bellhousing. After this, he resecures the crossmember and reinstalls the starter, speedometer gear, clutch cable plate, and other necessary parts for the new transmission.

Once it's all back together, you’ll want to take it for a test drive and enjoy the experience of the 5-speed transmission in your classic Mustang!

Doug in his 1967 convertible



Great install video, but I missed what happens with the reverse steering column lock out like the one on my 1973. I'm considering installing the T-5 in place of the Top Loader, but I am concerned about what happens with the lock out. Is there a work around to retain connectivity between the trans lever and the steering column?

The lockout works by a rod attached to the shifter linkiage that connects to the lockout on the bottom of the column. That setup will not be possible with the T-5. If you install the T-5 you can rotate the collar on the steering column that is just below where the key is and that will allow you to get the key out without the lockout rod connected.

We are restoring my son in laws 1967 mustang coupe. The car is stock except it had a engine swap to a early 302 I understand. He is in the Army and doesn't have a lot of extra money but I would like to get the best conversion from his 3 speed to the 5 speed as possible. I am retired Air Force as well. I was just wondering if you have any discounts and what would be the final cost for a complete kit. Thanks so much for all your help! Clif

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