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CJ's Focus ST gets more upgrades and more power!

CJ's Focus ST gets more upgrades and more power!

With our Focus ST meet tomorrow, we thought it would be a great time to update you on the progress of our 2014 Ford Focus ST project car, and we certainly have been busy!

In our last few videos, we talked about the Ford Focus ST exhaust system and showed you our Borla system, along with sound clips of other systems. Once that was installed, we realized there was a lot more power we could still get from our Focus, so we got down to work!

COBB Cold Air Intake System

Just like on the Mustang, installing a cold air intake system can give your Ford Focus ST a bit of a power boost just by removing many of the restrictive factory components. This kit from COBB includes everything you need to install a new cold air intake system in your Focus ST, entirely replacing those factory parts. Along with that, COBB includes a license plate frame and numerous stickers so you can dress up your Focus ST. Bill gives you an overview of the installation process of our new COBB Cold Air Intake System, which is pretty simple on the Focus ST.

Once it was installed, we noticed two immediate benefits. First, the car definitely seemed more responsive. When we took it on a test drive right after the install, Bill definitely could feel the difference. It also sounded much better compared to the stock, allowing us to hear the turbo a bit more, especially at higher RPMs. While you'll have to judge the sound difference for yourself, we took it right to the dyno to see what the power difference was, and we were pleasantly surprised.

With gains of a few horsepower and foot/pounds of torque throughout the curve, though not necessarily at peak, we felt the COBB Cold Air Intake System was definitely a benefit for our Focus ST.

COBB Accessport Tuner

While we've been using a base 93-octane tune from SCT, we've come to realize that it doesn't really account for all the modifications that we've done, nor does it allow us to adjust for the modifications we intend to do. By making the switch to the COBB Accessport on our Focus ST, we have a lot more flexibility, thanks to their massive database of tunes. In this video, Bill not only gives you an overview of the COBB Accessport V3 tuner and how to program your Focus ST, but he takes you out on the road to experience both our first tune and the real time gauges within the COBB Accessport.

We also took it to the dyno and ran a handful of different tunes to see how our Focus ST responded.

Vortech Intercooler

With the additional boost we've been making thanks to some of the other modifications we've installed, we realized that the factory intercooler is a bit overmatched and isn't getting our Focus ST's turbo enough cool air. Vortech offers their aftermarket intercooler, which is much larger than the factory, so our Focus ST can get the air it needs. The Vortech Intercooler is especially nice, as it doesn't require any drilling or cutting to install, make it the easiest aftermarket intercooler to install.

MBRP Downpipe

Once we installed a catback exhaust, new cold air intake system and intercooler, there's one final restrictive element leftover from the factory: The downpipe. This connects the turbo to the Borla catback exhaust. With a new, high flow downpipe, you can make it easier for the turbo on your Focus ST to expel gases, which will result in greater efficiency and more power. While it can take a little time to install, the MBRP Downpipe will offer nice performance benefits for your Focus ST.

This is just a small taste of the installations we've been working on for our Ford Focus ST over the last few months. Want to see more? CJ Pony Parts will be continuing to post updates on our YouTube Channel (make sure to Subscribe!), or you can visit our Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Instagram pages to see the latest news and upgrades.

Plus, don't forget our first Focus ST Meet at CJ Pony Parts: TOMORROW, May 24, 2014 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.



Hello I have a 04 mustang gt and wanted to know how much would the cost be for installation of vortech V3 kit, and cxracing intercooler kit. And having it dyno tuned. Thanks Eddie. (443 894 9547).

Hi Eddie: We're no longer doing installs at our facility, so we recommend finding a shop in your area.

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