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2015 Mustang GT: Roush Supercharger Install

Update on Bill's 2015 Mustang GT: Roush Supercharger Install

Since he got his 2015 Mustang GT, Bill Tumas has been making some small modifications, like the Ford Racing by Borla Touring Cat Back Exhaust and a tune that we talked about in our last update. However, the goal has always been to make this into the ultimate street car, which looks amazing and puts out a ton of power. While some of the basic bolt-on mods can make some additional power, to get the 600-700 horsepower he's searching for, nothing beats a big power adder like a supercharger.

Bill had been searching for the perfect supercharger, so when Roush released their Phase 1 Supercharger Kit in partnership with Ford Racing, which produces 627 horsepower, he knew he found the upgrade he wanted. Last week, it arrived at our shop so, in typical CJ's custom, he walks you through the full install on his personal 2015 GT!

In addition to the phenomenal amount of power it produced, Bill liked the Ford Racing/Roush Supercharger since it's a complete kit, not just a standalone supercharger. Literally every bolt or component you would need for the installation is included, which makes the whole process much, much easier. Roush also has downloadable instructions via their website, which are immensely helpful for the installation. Bill printed them off and put them in a binder for easy reference during the process.

2015 mustang engine bay dissamblyIn the video above, Bill walks you through the process. Roush advises that the install would take approximately 10 hours, and Bill found that estimate to be pretty accurate. The install pretty much works out into three phases. The first part is disassembly. Many components in the engine need disconnected, removed or relocated to make room for the new Roush supercharger. As part of the disassembly, you need to remove your Mustang's computer and send it to Roush for a tune that is compatible with the supercharger. Usually, with overnight shipping each way, that can be back in 2-3 days, so it's home at nearly the same time your install is done.

After disassembly, it's onto modification. A few of the factory parts need to be slightly modified in order to work with the new supercharger. As always, Bill shows you exactly what needs modified and how. Finally, it's time to assemble! There are dozens of steps to get all of the different components installed that work with the supercharger, so pay attention to Bill's instructions (and the manual) to make this as easy as possible. However, once everything gets installed, and your computer is back installed, it's time for a test drive!

Roush supercharger test driveWhile we said in the video that we weren't going to do an extensive test drive due to the weather, we couldn't resist taking it out for a very short test drive around the block. As you can see from the smile on Bill's face, his Mustang has lots and lots of additional power with the new Roush supercharger! Like he said, a full test drive video is coming in the next few weeks, as soon as we get rid of some of the snow and ice that keeps plaguing the Central PA area. A drive around the block just isn't going to do this amazing product justice.

This is just scratching the surface for Bill has he creates his ultimate street car. More performance mods, suspension upgrades and appearance changes are all on their way as he executes his plan. Keep checking back to our blog, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and visit our Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram and Twitter pages to see all of the latest!



Bill, have an automatic 15 gt. My wife has a 14 stage 3 Roush and we love it. I was thinking about a centrifugal, vortech or procharger. I figured it might allow better traction. What are your thoughts? I also put the touring exhaust on! Seems to be getting louder after 1k miles.

You really can't go wrong with any of the supercharger kits for the 2015. I like the instant boost and low end power of the positive displacement superchargers so I went with the Roush/FRPP TVS. I have owned Vortechs and Paxtons before and enjoyed them as well. Without good tires you will lose traction with either setup.

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