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Mustang Restoration Service

CJ Pony Service LOVES working on your Mustangs!

Usually during the summer, everyone is out in their Mustangs driving around, having fun at the track or around town. This makes for a boring summer if you work in a service department, only seeing a car come in when it needs emergency attention. This summer, that is not the case for our guys over at CJ Pony Service. This summer, they have been busier than ever... and they want MORE!

CJ Pony Parts' 25th year in business has been a great one so far, and CJ Pony Service is seeing the positive effects, too. For one thing, they are seeing a TON of off-season business! They have been doing complete restorations, performance add-ons, styling upgrades and more, all season long. Between our great sales and their professional quality workmanship, you cannot go wrong with us when looking to get work done on your favorite pony!

Currently, CJ Pony Service is getting their hands dirty on some great projects.

mustang body work

Our Eleanor being built from a Dynacorn shell is getting its NOS system installed this week.

mustang wiring work

They are even installing the famous "Go Baby Go" button inside the car.

mustang paint work

A very rare 1971 BOSS 351 has returned from the paint shop and is ready for its complete restoration. This BOSS is one of five made from the factory with a  grabber green exterior and white interior.

mustang exhaust work

This 1970 Mach 1 needs some serious front end work, along with some other odds-and-ends. No problem for CJ Pony Service!

There have also been some non-Mustang jobs that we are proud of and that we are still working on.

Ford Raptor Parts

Last week we finished up the now-famous Ford Raptor truck camshaft and exhaust upgrade. Talk about a MEAN sounding truck!

1963 Ford Falcon

CJ Pony Service also has a 1963 Ford Falcon convertible getting A TON of work done so it can re-live its glory days back on the road.

1969 Mercury Cougar

There is even a 1969 Mercury Cougar XR7 sitting in the service department with brand new floors & rockers. Next up for this classic is some fenders and a new convertible top.

Yup, our skilled technicians are really cranking out some amazing work this summer. If you are looking to get work done, there is really no better time to bring in your 'Stang.



inside of two years, I will be shipping my 70 Grande with a list of parts i want, and color for exterior/interior, and i will say "make it so"

Give us a call at 717-724-8795 for all of your Mustang service needs.

I got a 1965 mustang for my first project car. It has a new 289 and rebuilt trans. Small items are missing but the major issue is rust on the back quarters, the rest of the body looks great. I might need help figuring out some of the wire and hose connections.

Give us a call at 717-724-8795 for all of your Mustang service needs.

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