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CJ Pony Service is cranking out an Eleanor!

CJ Pony Service is cranking out an Eleanor!

There is never a dull moment at our service department! This month, the guys over at CJ Pony Service have been putting in a ton of hours finishing a 1967 Eleanor clone. Built from the ground up, this customer's dream-car has been using CJ Pony Parts exclusively for all the parts and labor. Its not cheap to make yourself an Eleanor, but I think you can agree... the finished product is WELL worth the money spent!

Most customers come in with their used early model Mustang, looking to give it a face-lift and restore the car's original beauty. Some even decide to upgrade to a nicer model by adding a bigger engine block, aftermarket upgrades or custom paint jobs. This time, a customer decided to turn his recently purchased 1967 fastback into a coveted Eleanor clone. Too bad the Mustang couldn't be upgraded...

After getting his new fastback inspected, our customer realized that his newly acquired pony-car was not even worth working on. Did this stop him from getting his Eleanor? NO! CJ Pony Parts and CJ Pony Service had everything he needed to make this happen; With or without his 1967 rust-bucket.

Eleanor Photo

Starting with a fresh, new Dynacorn 1967 fastback Mustang body, this project would be perfect right from the beginning. Add to that an Eleanor body kit, a new 6-speed manual transmission, a Rod & Custom front end, a 427 stroked small block engine, mass flow fuel injection, a nitrous kit and every other part required to create this masterpiece, and you have yourself one mean Mustang!

Next up for this Eleanor project is the interior. So far, they have in Scat Pro Car seats and a JME/Autometer instrument cluster.

Our service department is proud of the work they have put into this iconic Mustang model, and so are we! What do you think of her?



What would labor only cost to build an Eleanor clone?

We don't necessarily have it broken out by labor, but the whole job cost $120,000 for this Eleanor, which did include all the parts.

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