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Pony Trails 2014 was a BIG success!

Pony Trails 2014 was a BIG success!

As the sun crept over the horizon on Friday, June 6, beginning a beautiful day, the CJ Pony Parts team suspected that Pony Trails 2014 was going to have PLENTY of Mustangs. We were right.

More Mustangs at Pony Trails 2014Around 7:15 am on Friday, the first Mustang, a classic coupe, rolled into the parking lot. While it sat alone for a few moments, before too long, dozens more paraded in behind it. By 8 am, the parking lot and showroom were rapidly filling up and soon more than 100 Mustangs were already here. Just before 9 am, we counted 139 Mustangs, which wasn't quite a record for Pony Trails, but very close!

Throughout the morning, drivers and passengers milled about. Most wandered into the CJ Pony Parts showroom and partook in the free coffee, juice and donuts that were available for our visitors. Nobody missed out on the free Pony Trails 2014 t-shirt that was available for every car in attendance on Friday. Many drivers also stopped at the counter and snagged a new part or two for their Mustangs.

Bill being interview by our local ABC affiliate.However, a large majority of drivers and passengers just enjoyed the beautiful weather and the gorgeous selection of Mustangs parked on the CJ Pony Parts property, simply taking a walk around to check out the cars. The parking lot was jammed all morning with people poking their heads in windows and under hoods, checking out the massive selection of Mustangs represented. Every generation was represented, from early 1964.5 Mustangs to brand new 2014 Mustangs, giving every participant a beautiful car to check out.

We even had a special visitor. Our friends from the local ABC affiliate stopped by to shoot some footage and interview our own Bill Tumas about this great event, which was celebrating its 15th year, along with commemorating the 30th birthday of CJ Pony Parts. That footage eventually aired on their 5 pm newscast.

The driver's meeting, getting everyone ready to cruise!Around 9 am, Scott, CJ's sales manager, held a short driver's meeting to give everyone a few rules of the road and tips for getting to Carlisle successfully. After that, it was time to load up and move out!

As always, Bill led the trip to Carlisle, this year driving Gotta Have It Race. The trip took the parade of Mustangs on a winding tour of Central PA, making their way from CJ Pony Parts to the All-Ford Nationals in Carlisle. With Bill and Gotta Have It Race leading the way, the parade lasted for more than an hour and a half. With the weather as beautiful as it was, the cruise was just one of many highlights for participants.

CJ Pony Parts wants to send a thank you out to everyone who participated on Friday. It was an overwhelming success and we're thankful for everyone who came out. However, we're just getting started for the summer. Don't forget about our Customer Appreciation Day, which is just around on the corner on August 9!

We'll see you then!

Many Mustangs, getting ready for the cruise!



i loved it. all the cars their where amazing. though having my mom pull me up in a v6 convertible, was about as embarrassing as yelling touchdown at a baseball game.

nothing to be embarrassed about. i cruised pony trails 2012 with my v6 hardtop and got lots of compliments on my car. everyone was very nice no matter what they drove.

Great way to start Ford Nationals weekend! Weather was perfect, great turnout and best "trail" to Carlisle. I live locally and CJPONY mapped a great ride to show off Central Pa. Congratulations!

The ride and the day were awesome. My wife and I came down from New York and enjoyed every moment of it. We can't wait for next year. Thanks for all you guys do for your customers.

Had a mechanical issue and could not make this year - but I did get to Carlisle later in the day.
Beautiful day and it looked like fun! See you next year!

If you noticed someone along the road on your trip taking pictures, they are now on the Bill CJ Pony Parts facebook page! I hope you all enjoy them, and nothing better than having Pony Trails pass by my house!!

was an awesome day for a cruise.... great turnout and was cool to be a part of it once again. this was my 6th one.. thanks CJ's

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