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Customer Spotlight: Keith Fidura

Customer Spotlight: Keith Fidura

Over the last several months, we've introduced you to several of our customers, many of whom are in the process of restoring their Mustangs. Today, we bring you a nearly completed 2013 Mustang GT and it's owner, Keith Fidura.

Keith was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After school, he began driving tow truck until the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 occurred, at which point he joined the United States Army. During his seven years in the service, Keith worked in Army Intelligence. He was deployed twice to Iraq, once while he was still in the Army, and a second time after he began working in the defense industry, after his discharge.

In terms of hobbies, Keith refers to himself as a "hockey nut." He gets out on the ice for games each week and supports the Philadelphia Flyers. He also plays some video games, works out, shoots, and follows politics.

Keith's 2013 Mustang GT on a cruise.However, one of Keith's biggest passions is cars! In his life, he's owned three Mustangs: A 1966 Mustang coupe with a 289 V8, a 2011 Mustang V6 and his current 2013 Mustang GT. However, it was his dad's Mustang that he owned during the 1980s that helped spark that interest, as he helped maintain that car and even tried to restore it. While the restoration turned into a disaster, Keith still loves the Mustang's potential for more speed per dollar than most other cars on the road. He really loves most any American car, though he feels that the Mustang is part of Americana, and he's "all about our great country."

Since he bought his 2013 GT, Keith's has definitely spent some time upgrading his Mustang with parts from CJ Pony Parts. Already, he's installed new Niche 20" x 8.5" Targa Wheels and Niche 20" x 10" Targa Wheels, a Scott Drake Shorty Antenna, an Alacantara Shift Boot and Parking Brake Boot, and a JLT Air Box Kit, with a BMR K-Member coming soon. He's been getting it ready for the 2014 show season, which is nearly upon us. While he'll be visiting a number of shows, you can definitely catch him at the upcoming Ford Carlisle events in June and CJ's Customer Appreciation Day. He looks forward to the show season, not so much for the trophies and awards he could win, but more for the friendships he can develop. Keith says, "the friends you can make through cars are the best. They equal the guys I'm friends with in the military."

As we've worked on this post, we've enjoyed getting to know Keith and look forward to seeing him several times this summer at some of the CJ Pony Parts events we have planned. If you'd like to join us and Keith this summer, check out our CJ Events Schedule, or keep an eye on our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages.

Under the hood of Keith's 2013 Mustang GT



Happy 50 year anniversary of Mustangs today April 17 and providing me and other Mustang fans No. 1 service. Thanking all for being their for us in our restorations and hard to find reproduction parts. We all support you guys on what you do.

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