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Meet CJ Customer Charles Hill!

Meet CJ Customer Charles Hill!

For this month's customer profile, we'd like to introduce you to Charles Hill. At only 20 years old, Charles already has more than five years of experience and one complete Mustang restoration under his belt and is a huge automotive enthusiast. Check out some of his story!

Charles Hill's Mustang during restorationCharles acquired his 1966 Mustang K-Code coupe from his dad just five years ago, when he was 15. When he got it, it was pretty stripped down--no engine, no transmission, and no interior. However, Charles' dad also gave him full access to his Mustang parts pile, which had parts from literally hundreds of Mustangs that his dad and uncle had parted out over the years. His dad had used this stockpile to fully restore his 1966 Shelby and do some work on his two other coupes. In fact, his dad's Shelby was the inspiration that drove Charles to want to get his first Mustang, along with a motivation to have a cool car.

Charles' Mustang has been in the family for a long time--longer than he's been alive--although it's primary use has been as a parts car. According to Charles, the last time his Mustang was registered, it was in New York state and the year was 1983.

The motor for Charles' 1966 coupeCharles has spent the last five years working on his restoration, with CJ Pony Parts being a big help in the project. So far, between CJ's and his dad's Mustang parts pile, Charles has completely restored his Mustang, including body work, fresh paint, a 351 Windsor engine, Doug's Headers, Flowmaster 2 1/4-inch true dual exhaust and a toploader transmission. Charles did encounter a few problems with his Mustang build, most notably a lack of funds. He was working two part time, minimum wage jobs, which helped, but the biggest help came from his parents, which Charles said made a big difference. With finances so tight, Charles said he certainly appreciated the free same day shipping from CJ Pony Parts.

Today, Charles' 1966 Mustang is road worthy and was officially registered in February 2014 in North Carolina. Charles plans to use it as his daily driver, though it does join his growing fleet, which includes a 1999 VW Jetta, 1983 AMC Eagle SX4 and his first car, a 1977 Monte Carlo. He still has a little bit of work left on his Mustang, like finishing the interior and weatherstripping, though he's definitely glad to get it on the road.

He does note that he doesn't feel like his restoration will ever be finished, since he, like many owners, always have something more that they can find to do to their Mustang. Some of his upcoming projects include a new toploader transmission, which will replace his toploader overdrive transmission, along with a vertigate shifter and a wider transmission tunnel for the new shifter. In the more distant future, Charles is looking at an independent rear suspension and a Mustang II front suspension replacement. He'd also like to convert his '66 to fuel injection.

The paint is in progress for Charles' 1966 coupe.When he's not working on his Mustang, Charles is busy! He's currently a full time college student, finishing up his last degree in community college before transferring to UNC-Charlotte to pursue his degree in Mechanical Engineering in Motorsports. He also continues to work two part time jobs, still putting most of that money towards his Mustang. When he's not at school or work, he spends most days working on his car and evenings with his girlfriend.

Charles doesn't really have a favorite Mustang, saying that he likes all Mustangs, except those from the Fox Body era. He just likes the lightweight bodies and the fact that they are relatively easy to modify and get a monster motor in them. However, if he were forced to choose, he likes Eleanor from the Gone in 60 Seconds movie--he says he loves the 1967 body with the silver and black paint scheme.

Since he lives in North Carolina, Charles is planning to make the short trip to attend the upcoming Mustang 50th Anniversary Celebration in Charlotte. He says he'll be there with his '66 coupe and his dad's '66 Shelby, and looks forward to showing his Mustang for the first time. Thanks for sharing about your Mustang, Charles, and we'll look for you in Charlotte!

Charles Hill's painted Mustang.



My son is 19 and completed the restoration of a 1967 Fastback with very little help fom his father. He is now a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering. I can be contacted at: or contact Landon at: He would be honored to be a part of the customer spotlight as most of the parts we needed we were able to order from CJ Pony!

My son bought a 65 coupe with his own money at age 13. The car was once owned by his grandfather and he found it and bought it. During the last three years he and I have rebuilt the car from end to end. He has worked making money in different ways to pay for parts. We have ordered around 35 orders from CJs parts like tire wheel package dash pad seats door panels you name it we have redone it or replaced. CJs is wonderful we have been very pleased. We ordered two danacorn doors and one came with a flaw and the customer service was superior to take care of it the next day i have pitures in all stages of this rebuild. Everywhere he drives the car people make commets how good it looks and are surprised it is his at age 16. He put the motor together with my supervision and is very happy to talk with anyone when the ask about the car. He has played three sports in school all the while this project has been going football,wrestling and baseball and made exellent grades as well in honors classes. This i feel would make a great story for others to read.

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