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Meet Sean Leary!

Meet Sean Leary!

After shopping at CJ Pony Parts for all of the upgrades Sean Leary was making to his ’05 GT Premium Mustang, he became impressed with our frequent deals, project builds, and the customer service he had received. And, in September of last year, he joined our team!

Sean is now settled in our Customer Care Department, after a few months as a Sales Representative, and today, we’re shining the spotlight on him for our latest Employee feature!

Owning a Mustang was something that Sean had thought would always be out of reach. However, in 1981, Sean purchased his first Mustang, which was a 1968 coupe. Unfortunately, it required too much work for him to fix it up and make it road-ready once again, so he had to let it go.

For his next Mustang, Sean didn’t just want a daily driver. Instead, he wanted something more than just a vehicle for transportation.

“A good friend told me that when I found ‘the one’, I would know it and in all honesty, when I saw my Torch Red beauty, I knew my search was over!”

Sean bought his 2005 GT Premium convertible, which is his first street-ready Mustang, for himself two days before his birthday in 2012. Soon after, he decided to make some upgrades, finding all the parts he needed at CJ’s.

Some of the parts he’s added include:

Since the purchase of his 2005 GT, Sean has joined the Red Mustang Registry, and he’s excited about this year’s upcoming Ford Carlisle show. He participated in his first car show last summer, followed by a couple of other smaller ones, including one to help raise money for a little girl who has leukemia.

Sean's MustangHere at CJ’s, Sean enjoys working in Customer Care, where he gets to speak with customers who are all in various stages of their restoration projects, and he finds it rewarding when he’s able to help and find everything they need. Similarly, Sean enjoys coming in to work and speaking with fellow employees, saying that he’s learned much more about Mustangs than he ever thought he would.

A central Pennsylvania resident for his entire life, Sean grew up in Lebanon and still lives in the area. When he’s not working or driving his Mustang GT around, he spends time with his family, including his granddaughter, Rayven. Though only 9 years old, Sean says she’s already a big fan of Mustangs and wants one of her own someday!

When you’re next visiting CJ’s to shop for parts or to attend one of our annual events, make sure to keep an eye out for Sean!

“I love the tradition that Mustang has - 50 years and still going strong.”



I am both grateful and proud to see Sean is living his dream. Sean is both passionate and knowledgeable about the Mustang and ready to learn more everyday. I know this is a relationship that will grow in intensity because the love for the Mustang goes very deep in his heart.

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