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Another Great Year For CJ Pony Trails 2016!

Another Great Year For CJ's Pony Trails 2016!

CJ Pony Trails 2016 Tail Lights

As they always do, Mustangs started trickling in before 7 AM last Friday Morning here at CJ Pony Parts. For those of you who don't know,  CJ's hosts Pony Trails every year which is a car show and cruise to Carlisle Ford Nationals. By 8 AM, much of the front lot was full with Mustang after Mustang; with free coffee and donuts,  many owners enjoyed talking and catching up since last year's event.

CJ Pony Trails 2016 GT350

By the time 8:45 AM rolled around, it was time for the drivers' meeting. Product Specialist Bill Tumas had a few giveaways to hand out to those who drove the farthest, owned their Mustang the longest and a few more special categories. Then Laman, one of our CJ videographers,  gave a few pointers about keeping it safe and following the turn-by-turn directions. Before everyone knew it, 9 AM rolled around and Bill was pulling out in our CJ 2015 Magnetic GT Convertible to lead the cruise!

Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn't hold up her end of the bargain for much of the cruise as rain set in for the first half, but held off for the last half. There were plenty of winding roads to have some fun with your fellow Mustang brethren. A quick hour went by and the CJ video team was awaiting the cruisers' arrival at North Middleton Park just outside Carlisle, PA!

We wanted to thank everyone who came out to Pony Trails 2016! Despite the gloomy weather, the turnout was awesome -- we always love seeing some tastefully modded Mustangs! Don't forget to mark Saturday, August 13th on your calendar for Customer Appreciation Day 2016!


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