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2015 mustang king cobra

Building a 2015 Mustang King Cobra with All the Right Parts

At the Convention Center in Las Vegas, Ford stunned the crowd at the SEMA show with a 2015 Mustang King Cobra, built to perform and impress on the street as well as on the drag strip. Ford's purpose of this King Cobra was to create more than a showstopper that very few people would ever get a chance to drive or own. Instead, Ford built the Mustang with performance parts that can be bought and installed on a regular Mustang GT to duplicate not just the look, but also the performance of the King Cobra.

Ford wanted people to do more than take their word for the 2015 Mustang King Cobra's performance. Ford wanted to prove the custom machine’s superior capabilities, so they took the Mustang to Milan Dragway in Michigan. While there, they produced time-slips and videos that showed exactly what the classic longtime muscle car can do. Launching boldly off the line with plenty of traction, the Mustang clocked a quarter-mile elapse-time at the tune of 10:97 at 128 mph, which proved that this Mustang deserves to carry the name “King Cobra.”

The King Cobra Name

1963 shelby cooper king cobra

The King Cobra name is not merely a name that was given to this particular 2015 Mustang. In fact, Ford has used the name since 1963. The '63-'64 Shelby Cooper King Cobra was built for Grand Prix races. As a mid-engine vehicle with a British chassis that used a Ford power plant, it has seen a fair amount of success in the race circuits. It only lasted for two years before Shelby moved on to something different. But those race cars were built for Grand Prix races – and the name became legendary.

The name resurfaced again around 1970, when Ford created a Torino King Cobra that was supposed to be designed for NASCAR Racing and have special aerodynamics to compete with Chrysler products. Unfortunately, the program never took off and there were only three made, none of which were raced or sold to the public.

The last time we saw the King Cobra name was in 1978. The name was given to a Mustang II, the first time a Mustang used a 5.0 badge. The 1978 King Cobra was also the last year Ford used the Mustang II platform. Along with the death of that platform came a temporary death of the King Cobra name – that is until the recent 2015 Mustang King Cobra.

Just like in 1970, all we know right now is that the 2015 Mustang King Cobra is a concept. However, the realization of getting the exact parts so that you can call your Mustang a King Cobra is not.

Our team can get you the exact parts, decals, badges and graphics to make the transformation from the already great Mustang GT to the extraordinary King Cobra. With a well-trained staff, great prices, speedy shipping and free land shipping in the contiguous U.S., building a King Cobra replica is an obtainable goal for any GT owner or drag racing lover.

The Transformation from a GT to a King Cobra

Yes, it's true: transforming your GT Mustang into a King Cobra is as easy as shopping for the correct performance parts at your reputable Ford parts dealer. Not sure what all your Mustang needs for this transformation? Our team at CJ Pony Parts goes above and beyond helping you decide exactly what packages you need. Trusting experts who know Mustangs and thoroughly understand high-performance is the optimal way to get your Mustang transformed both fast and correctly.

The process of transforming a GT to a King Cobra begins with some basic research about the parts packages.

The Three Different Mustang ‘King Cobra’ Performance Packages

Three different parts packages are mainly responsible for the Mustang's performance: a Super-Pack, a Drag-Pack and a Handling-Pack. Each pack consists of the highest quality parts that were designed and engineered by both Ford Racing and Roush Performance teams.

The Super-Pack

Mustang King Cobra Engine

The heart of any vehicle's performance is the engine. Putting out high horsepower and torque is what makes for great quickness and top speed numbers. The 2015 Mustang GT begins with a  Coyote motor that puts out around 435 horsepower and 400 ft./lb of torque. That's a pretty number for the Mustang GT, but if you want a time-slip of 10:97 at 128-mph like the King Cobra accomplishes, you have to add a little more horsepower than that.

The 2015 Mustang King Cobra produces 625 horsepower. That number is achievable using the same 5.0-liter Coyote motor that is placed in the GT if you have the Super-Pack installed. The first horsepower add-on that the Super-Pack uses for extra power is a 2.3-liter Twin Vortices Series (TVS) supercharger, which is designed and engineered jointly by Ford Racing and Roush Performance.

To go along with the supercharger is the intercooler, which uses a complete air-to-liquid system to make sure the air going into the engine is as fresh and cool as possible. The induction system horsepower add-ons conclude with the following:

  • A six-rib belt drive system
  • An air-inlet system
  • An electronic throttle-body
  • A revised manifold
  • A high-flow fuel rail
  • Fuel injectors

With special Ford Racing calibration to the engine's computer for precise tuning, the Super-Pack is designed and tweaked to squeeze as much horsepower out of the as possible.

Ford offers a limited warranty with this kit if you have it installed by an authorized dealer. Since Ford Racing and Roush only use high-quality parts, broken or defective parts won't likely be an issue. However, a computer problem effecting timing, fuel pressure or something along those lines could pose a potential issue. Having a professional handle those problems is priceless.

Drag-Pack (FR2)

Mustang King Cobra Suspension

The Drag-Pack is Ford’s solution to taking all the power that the installed with a Super-Pack and making it stick to the concert. The independent rear suspension (IRS) can be a bit hoppy when taking off hard from a dead stop. Therefore, improved high-performance half-shafts and rear-end sub-frame connector up-grades with high-performance bushings for a stiffer frame are included in the kit.

The end result is an independent rear suspension and frame that can take a fully accelerated launch with as little tire spin as possible.

Handling-Pack (FR3)

Mustang King Cobra Wheels

With lots of power and a 10:97 ET, you might think of the 2015 Mustang King Cobra concept as just another car built for the sole purpose of the drag strip, but that is simply not true.

The Handling-Pack comes with a stabilizer-bar kit, rear shocks and front shocks on pre-assembled struts. Put together, the combination lowers the entire car about 1-inch. The kit does more than provide more confident cornering and pass maneuvering when driving on the street. It also helps with the exterior look of the vehicle without compromising the ride, which many lowering kits tend to do.

All three packs are offered with various limited warranties as long as they're purchased from a reputable dealer and installed by an authorized technician. If you purchase the Drag-Pack or the Handling-Pack, you're likely purchasing them with drag racing abuse in mind. Obtaining a warranty is the only responsible thing a Mustang-owning car enthusiast could do.

Other ‘King Cobra’ Concept Extras

No one knows for sure if a Mustang GT will be available with every King Cobra feature included in one package. However, we do know that everything you need to create a GT King Cobra replica is available. This includes featured parts that were placed on the King Cobra concept, which can be found in our huge parts inventory.

A cat-back exhaust is a must in this situation. Whenever you are pushing extreme amounts of horsepower, you need a way to get that exhaust out of the engine chambers as efficiently as possible.

The King Cobra also received a short-throw shifter to go with the already reliable six-speed manual transmission. Six piston caliper brakes were put in place to pull the powerful Mustang to a quick and safe stop.

And while Ford was adding racing parts, they took the liberty of adding a set of RECARO Racing seats that help the driver not only stay secure in a seat designed for driver stability at high speeds, but also promote racing safety.

King Cobra Exterior

2015 king Cobra Mustang

The 2015 Mustang King Cobra that was introduced at SEMA made its debut with specialized graphics on the exterior. Instead of a paint job, a snakeskin wrap was placed around the exterior body of the Mustang. A graphic of a King Cobra snake is located on top of the hood. If this is something you like, finding the matching wrap and graphics should be as easy as asking one of your Ford parts dealers to help. But if you’re going to build your King Cobra from a GT and those graphics do not interest you, you're in luck. You don't have to include the snakeskin wrap design to complete the King Cobra's power possibilities.

Project King Cobra's Mission

For years, Ford has battled GM and Chrysler in sales – and at the race tracks. The new Camaro Z/28 puts up unbelievable road course numbers, while Dodge Hellcats boast huge horsepower numbers. And now the King Cobra drops a 10:97 E.T. in the quarter-mile. It's the same old “whatever you can do, we can do better” scenario that the Big Three have been involved in for decades.

There's an up-side to this scenario, however, and it is this: We live in a prime time era where car enthusiasts who love the competition of fast cars compete to beat each other in every facet of performance and racing. This means we have the opportunity to buy the very parts the Big Three use, add them to our own cars, and have them perform in the very same way.

Unlike in the past, where these cars were entertaining to read about or see at a car show, the muscle cars of today are something we can have in our driveways, without being a millionaire. The 2015 Mustang King Cobra is a perfect example of this. Ford Racing and Roush Performance show us that these cars are very capable of monster-like performance abilities.

Pushing cars to their limits is what Ford Racing is all about. And this King Cobra is an example of what Ford Racing Director Jamie Allison set out to do. He presents us with a vehicle that seems out of this world. But in reality, all you have to do is open a Ford Parts dealer catalog or visit a website and that extraordinary vehicle can be built.

Customizing Your 2015 Mustang King Cobra

Looking the part and going fast go hand-and-hand whenever cruising the streets or killing it at the drag strip. You will decide on color when you purchase the GT from the dealership, but after that your options are almost limitless.

For starters, rims and tires are one of the most eye-catching parts on a vehicle. The wheels Ford used for the King Cobra concept were interesting, but someone could go much more extravagant – and bigger. Or perhaps the opposite is appealing to you. Whatever you desire, we have an abundance of wheel styles and sizes to choose from. And when it comes to tires, we have exactly what you need to wrap your precious wheels in.

It’s important to note that if you’re planning to hit the drag strip and achieve the traction that is so desperately needed, consider your rear. Sometimes it takes a special kind of rear tire to achieve that goal. Ask your trusted CJ Pony Parts team member if what you’re about to purchase is going to help you achieve your goals.

Badges, stripes and decals are another way to make your King Cobra stand out from the crowd. Visit the stripes and decal section on our website to view the always updated and growing inventory of products. With the right color scheme along with properly placed details on the smooth, but sharp, lines of a 2015 Mustang, your car could very well become one of the hottest ‘Stangs around.

Exterior trim, exhaust tips, 5.0 badges, floor mats, shift knobs, and under hood dress-up kits could complete your design. Furthermore, dramatic changes can be completed with carbon fiber ground-effects, front fascia kits and much, much more.

With a quick trip to our parts section, you will find everything you need. In-stock orders placed before 5pm on Mon-Fri come with the convenient option of same day shipping.

Shop and Enjoy

Purchasing a 2015 GT and transforming it into a King Cobra may be the closest you will ever get to owning the original 2015 Mustang King Cobra concept. With all of the correct parts available at affordable prices, the chance to customize your own King Cobra should be a priceless feeling for a Mustang enthusiast.

Visit CJ Pony Parts, browse our inventory, join our email list, or sign up to receive a catalog – and you will be one step closer to building your dream Mustang.


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