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Beat the dealer motion graphic

Beat the Dealer [Motion Graphic]

Buying a new car is a rite of passage for most Americans - as is the inevitable confrontation with the friendly sales team at your local dealership. No matter how much confidence you have in your haggling skills, it's not an experience you want to go into blindly. So how best to prepare yourself?

The most common mistake is underestimating the importance of negotiation, which can sometimes be forgotten in the excitement of making a purchase. Roughly 85 percent of customers decide to buy a car before they even leave the house, but don't confuse this with being prepared.

On average, car dealerships mark up their interest rates by 2.7%, and this is in addition to the usual assortment of financing confusion and potential scams.

Making a big-ticket purchase shouldn't be frustrating; take a look at the motion graphic below to see how you can beat the dealer at their own game.


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