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CJ's & Ford Prep Mustangs For SEMA

CJ's & Ford Prep Some Amazing Mustangs For SEMA

SEMA is less than two weeks away! Between CJ Pony Parts and Ford, more than a dozen different custom Mustangs are being prepped for the biggest show in the automotive industry. Thanks to some recent leaks, we have a few previews to share.

Project 50/30

We'd be remiss if we didn't start with our own SEMA show car, Project 50/30. After many hard days, late nights and long weekends of work, it's just about to hit the road for SEMA! We can't say a whole lot more than we did in our last update, but all of the major areas of the car are practically completed, including the interior, brakes, suspension and engine. Of course, as you saw in the last video, the body looks amazing, thanks to the hard work from GCR Auto Collisions, Inc. Project 50/30 is rolling out of CJ's on Sunday, bound for Las Vegas. If you're going to be at SEMA, make sure you stop by TMI's booth, where it'll be shown beside several other very cool cars. It'll be a worthwhile stop, we promise!

When it's unveiled, we'll have a full video and a blog detailing all of its features, so check back between November 4-7 for the full story.

Project 50/30

Ford's SEMA Mustangs

At last count, Ford is rumored to have more than a dozen different 2015 Mustangs ready for the SEMA show. While most of them will remain under wraps until the show opens on November 4, we have seen two examples that make us very excited for what will appear at the show. The first is the car from Petty's Garage. This Mustang features a bright blue color, very reminiscent of the shade used on Richard Petty's racers. The two-tone scheme features black on the roof, hood and wheels for a truly one-of-a-kind look. Under the hood is a Roush supercharged V-8. This special Mustang will be auctioned off after the show, by Barrett-Jackson, with all proceeds going to the Victory Junction Gang Camp, which is a summer camp that was started by the Petty family to help chronically ill children.

Petty's Garage Mustang

The other big reveal from Ford is the Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) Mustang. Compared to Petty's Mustang, this car is much darker, with gold-flecked black paint and gold wheels. It's also been customized with a new front fascia, headlights and LED turn signals that blink in sequence, like the factory rear lights. It also has a carbon fiber front splitter and rocker panels and a more aggressive looking rear diffuser. It's powered by the popular 5.0L Coyote V8, which features a gold-plated Whipple supercharger that boosts the output to 725 horsepower. In case you were curious, all of the gold accents signify the 50th "gold" anniversary of the Mustang that was celebrated this year.

Galpin Auto Sports Mustang

What and when is SEMA?

SEMA is only the biggest automotive industry show in the world. Thousands of vendors and industry professionals descend upon Las Vegas, Nevada from November 4-7 to see all of the latest in automotive products, plus some amazing show cars that vendors and manufacturers have spent large chunks of the previous year preparing.

Several members of the CJ Pony Parts team are traveling to Las Vegas to be at the SEMA show this year, including our video team, so you're going to see a lot of the latest news from the show practically as it happens, including the unveiling of CJ's Project 50/30. Follow along with CJ Pony Parts on FacebookGoogle+Twitter, Instagram to see the latest news and updates from the show.


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