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Most and Least Ticketed Cars motion graphic

Most and Least Ticketed Cars Motion Graphic

Have you ever wondered if the type of car you drive might increase or decrease your chances of getting a speeding ticket? Does having a red car make it more likely that the police will think you're going faster than you really are? 

We looked at a recent study to find out those answers and more. There are quite a few surprises, including which states have the most expensive tickets and which ones let you off easy. 

Did you know that the average cost of a speeding ticket is $152? That's equal to the average weekly grocery bill for a family of four. If you get the max ticket of $1,350 in Virginia, that will set you back more than 2 months worth of food. It's no surprise, then, that $6,232,000,000 gets paid each year due to speeding tickets. That number is only going up. 

Our newest video about the study also shows stats like:

  • The percentages of males getting tickets vs females getting tickets
  • The most common age for getting a ticket
  • The most common speed for getting a ticket
  • The three most and least ticketed cars

Check it out and feel free to share: 


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