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Most and Least Ticketed Types, Makes and Colors of Cars

It’s time to put some of the more persistent myths about car colors and models to the test. We’ve all heard from one source or another that red cars are by far the most ticketed automobiles on the road. The truth is, that popular myth doesn’t really hold up.

In a recent study, 924 speeding citations were collected from four intersections and two counties. The researchers recorded each car color as a percentage of the local population and as a percentage of the total traffic citations collected during the study. The uncovered a few surprises.

Explore the infographic below to learn if your vehicle is one of the most ticketed.



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This "study" is too limited. By only checking four intersections in two counties, there's a chance it's only the opinion of 2 police stations... Or perhaps it's only the opinion of 2 police officers... This isn't a true study at all.

it says two countRies not counties, haha!

I know there's "sources" listed on here, but New Hampshire speeding tickets are *not* $1000.

Most expensive non-court-issued fine for speeding is approximately $360.

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